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Announcement on the public recruitment of staff in public institutions in Yilong County, Nanchong in the second half of 2019

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According to the "Announcement of Public Recruitment of Staff in Public Institutions in Yilong County in the Second Half of 2019", due to the unqualified or abandoned qualification review, the relevant information about the interview and repetition is hereby announced.
1. Confirmation of the supplementary qualification review personnel: According to the application position, the candidates will be interviewed for the qualifications of the written test from high to low. (If the candidates have a written test result, they will be listed as the supplementary personnel. Rear).
2. Time for review of replenishment qualifications: January 16, 2020 (8: 30-12: 00, 2: 30-6: 00).
3. Venue for review of supplementary qualifications: Personnel Management Unit of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yilong County (No. 6 Wangyun Road, Xinzheng Town).
4. Qualification review materials that candidates should bring:
① 1 copy of "Application Information Form" (please print it yourself on Nanchong Human Resources and Social Security Bureau);
② One original and photocopy of ID card;
③ A valid original diploma and a photocopy. Among them, 2020 fresh graduates who have not yet received their diplomas will need to provide an original and photocopy of their student IDs when participating in the interview eligibility review. The majors, education, graduation time, etc. issued by the graduate employment department of the school Original certificate.
④ The original "Admissions Certificate" of the "General Knowledge" written test (you must still bring it during the interview).
⑤ A photo of an individual's recent headless electronic certificate (stored in a personal mobile phone).
⑥ Other conditions and materials required for applying for the post.
5. Candidates who pass the qualification examination will be sent to the Interview Notice on the spot. Those who fail the qualification examination cannot participate in the interview.
6. Those who do not participate in the qualification review as required shall be deemed to have waived their qualifications for interviews.
Phone: 0817-7216861
Attachment: Yilong County, the second half of 2019, publicly recruited staff of public institutions to supplement the interview qualification review staff list (click to download)
Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yilong County
January 10, 2020
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