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Public announcement of the staff to be transferred from the public examination and adjustment of the public institution staff in Gulin County, Quzhou, December 2019 (2)

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According to the “Public Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's Announcement on Public Examination and Adjustment of Staff in Public Institutions in December 2019”, Hu Jin and other 7 comrades passed the registration, comprehensive test, inspection, and physical examination procedures, which met the examination and adjustment positions. Conditions and requirements, it is planned to transfer 7 comrades such as Hu Jin to work in related units (see attachment for details). Now it is publicly announced for 5 days. The publicity time is from January 11, 2020 to January 15, 2020.
During the publicity period, if you have any questions, please report them to Gulin County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in a timely manner. Whistleblower should sign and be realistic about the problem, while providing the necessary investigative clues.
If there is no objection upon the expiry of the publicity period, the transfer procedures shall be handled in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
Report phone: 0830--7206240 (County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs)
Attachment: List of personnel to be transferred (II) .xls (click to download)
Gulin County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau
January 10, 2020
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