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Sichuan Personnel Network (ewugu.cn)-a professional website of Sichuan personnel information service.

Focus on Sichuan personnel examination information service

Sichuan Personnel Network is a public recruitment reference information website, a non-governmental official examination website. Sichuan Personnel Network only summarizes the personnel examination information in various places in Sichuan for your reference. If you need to use it, please log in to the official website.

Sichuan Personnel Network integrates the personnel examination information of various cities, states, counties and districts in Sichuan, and provides the latest and most comprehensive Sichuan personnel examination information, including civil service examinations, public institution recruitment, police examinations and other public recruitment and recruitment information and state-owned enterprise recruitment and recruitment information.

Once the website was launched, it attracted the attention of the majority of candidates. This site is a private website. The purpose of the construction is to allow friends to find various recruitment and examination information in Sichuan. problem.

This site is sincerely recruiting partners, and cooperation methods include sponsorship, investment, mergers and acquisitions, column cooperation and other methods.

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