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Sichuan Personnel Network releases information about Sichuan public recruitment examinations for free, including public recruitment information, public institution recruitment examinations, and other recruitment information. After receiving your information, we will release it as soon as possible after review. You can send your information to we:

Posting method 1: Send the file to QQ: 3354478802 (if not online, please send the offline file)

Release method two: send the file to the mailbox: 3534047802@qq.com

Note: The content of the document you send is true and complete. It is best to typeset the Word document.

For non-staff recruitment and enterprise recruitment information, please contact: QQ: 3534047802

This site is sincerely recruiting partners, and cooperation methods include advertising, sponsorship, investment, mergers and acquisitions, column cooperation and other methods.

Contact QQ: 3534047802