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Sichuan develops 10 measures to guide and encourage college graduates to work at the grassroots level

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"University graduates are valuable human resources, and grassroots are an important platform for college graduates to grow into talents." Recently, Sichuan Province has issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Guiding and Encouraging College Graduates to Work at the Grassroots Level" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions" ), The Provincial People's Association interpreted the Opinions.
Chengdu Business Daily reporters learned that in order to broaden the employment channels for college graduates to the grassroots, the "Opinions" formulated 10 major measures, including "recruitment of grassroots institutions in hard and remote areas to recruit college graduates can relax conditions such as education, majors," and "encourage The government purchases grassroots public management and social service development jobs and arranges for college graduates ".
The "Opinions" also proposes that the salary and welfare of grassroots workers will be gradually increased, and the requirements for professional titles will be appropriately relaxed to ensure the system.
Recruitment of college graduates in difficult remote areas can relax academic qualifications and specialties
The "Opinions" proposes that guiding college graduates to work at the grassroots and hard remote areas of institutions and institutions, including grassroots institutions in hard remote areas to recruit college graduates can relax conditions such as education, majors, etc., reduce the proportion of test opening, set a certain number of positions College graduates with local household registration or long-term living in the country; admission for college and university graduates in professional and technical positions in townships, poor counties, and ethnic regions can start the exam, and the examination score calculation ratio is independently determined by various places, such as a "package" discount. policy.
In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Examinations Office of the Provincial Humanities and Social Affairs Department told reporters that in order to encourage and guide college graduates to exercise in particularly difficult and remote areas at the grassroots level, the civil service exams have always focused on grassroots orientation. For example, except for special positions, provincial-level agencies recruit personnel with more than two years of work experience at the grassroots level. In principle, municipal agencies also recruit personnel with grassroots work experience of more than two years.
The person in charge said that Sichuan Province has also been guiding difficult and remote areas to use preferential policies such as relaxation of test opening ratios, ages, majors, and academic qualifications to solve the problem of difficult recruitment. According to the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, the minimum service life of all newly recruited township civil servants in townships is 5 years, and those who enjoy preferential policies are 8 years. This year's civil service exams included 12,130 civil servants at and below the county level, accounting for 89.6% of the total recruitment plan.
Go to the countryside to establish and lead a new type of agricultural operation subject, and give 10,000 yuan to start a business
The "Opinions" also proposes that the government is encouraged to purchase grassroots public management and social service development jobs, including townships (streets) can purchase public employment and entrepreneurship service positions to arrange college graduates, and localities can also develop a group of public management and social services based on the actual grassroots Non-profit posts, housing college graduates who have difficulty finding employment.
Support to participate in the implementation of scientific research projects as scientific research assistants or assistants. If they are hired by signing a project employment contract, their labor costs and related social insurance subsidies can be paid from the project funds.
College students will also be guided to participate in agricultural modernization. For those who set up and lead a new type of agricultural business in the countryside, they will be given a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for starting a business.
The Opinion also proposes encouraging college students to join the army. For college students enlisted in the army, one-time rewards, tuition compensation or national student loan reimbursement are provided. The enlistment experience is used as graduation internship experience and grass-roots work experience. After retirement, they can enjoy a series of preferential policies such as returning to school, entering college, and applying for institutions.
Gradually increase the wages and benefits of grassroots staff
To guide college graduates to work at the grassroots level, guarantee of benefits is essential. The "Opinions" proposed that the wages and benefits of grassroots staff will be gradually increased.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Salary Department of the Provincial People's Social Affairs Department, in this regard, college graduates newly recruited (hired) to work in institutions and institutions below the county level can directly implement the salary after the probation period, and It can set 1-3 salary grades or salary levels. Among them, those who work in township organs and institutions are provided with subsidies for township work. The current subsidy level is not less than 200 yuan / month, and they are favored for remote towns and townships with difficult conditions and long-term employees.
In terms of improving grass-roots job title review and job management systems, the Opinions propose that additions should be made to the degree of job matching to increase the evaluation weights such as the practical ability, job performance, and years of work of the grass-roots duties; subtractions should be made for general requirements. No restrictions are imposed on thesis and scientific research results, and foreign languages and computers are not required.
In addition, college graduates who work at the grassroots level can apply for the title of the appraisal one year in advance for the first time; grassroots professional and technical personnel who have made important contributions can apply for the appraisal of the corresponding job title in accordance with regulations. The Opinions also encourage localities or industries that have the conditions to form a separate professional title assessment committee or review team for grassroots professional and technical personnel to conduct separate reviews.
Chengdu Business Daily reporter Wang Yan

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