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Chengdu, Sichuan dial 962110 to enjoy job recommendation (news)

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In 2017, Chengdu, Sichuan Province established a 962110 special employment assistance system. Those who have difficulty finding employment can dial the Chengdu Employment Assistance Center hotline 962110 to get three job recommendations and 48 hours of employment assistance. As of December 2017, Chengdu has assisted 899 people through the help phone and successfully recommended employment for 871 people.
Chengdu provides real-time employment and entrepreneurship tracking services. At present, a four-level joint employment assistance system has been established for cities, districts (counties), counties, sub-districts (towns), and communities to achieve "full coverage" of urban and rural areas. At the same time, Chengdu vigorously develops and raises non-profit posts, and promotes the re-employment of those in need through the establishment of job reserve banks.
Since 2017, Chengdu has focused on unemployed people, unemployed people in “scattered and polluted” enterprises, and those with difficulties in urban and rural employment, and has effectively increased employment assistance. As of December 2017, Chengdu has re-employed 72,900 people and 17 million people with employment difficulties, and all of them have completed their annual tasks. (Lin Xiaojie, Yang Haiyun, Du Quanbin)
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