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2019 Kindergarten in Airport Airport Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu

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[Introduction to the Institute]
The Kindergarten, Xihangang Airport Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu was officially opened in September 2019. It is a newly-built public park directly managed by the Education Bureau of Shuangliu District. The kindergarten is located at No.56, Section 3, Lingang Road, Xihangang Street. The park has a beautiful environment and complete facilities. The teaching scale is 9 classes and there are 22 teaching staff.
[Recruitment post] 4 preschool teachers
【Recruitment requirements】
1. Have good ideological and moral qualities, and love early childhood education.
2. College degree or above, graduated from preschool education.
3, with preschool teacher qualification certificate, Mandarin certificate, health certificate.
4. Art or dance expertise, or experience in teaching is preferred.
【contact us】
Please send your resume to email: 417985736@qq.com. (You will be contacted to the park for an interview as soon as the materials are approved.)
Contact: Teacher Zhou 13628051799
Mr. Zheng 18030837405
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