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2020 Announcement of Liangshan Recruiting High-level Teaching and Scientific Research Talents

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Due to the needs of the teaching and research work of the school, according to the relevant documents stipulated by the Ministry of Personnel Order No. 6 and Chuan Renshefa [2011] No. 36 and the principles of "openness, equality, competition, and selection", the Liangshan Prefecture Administration of the Party School of the Liangshan Prefecture Party The college is now recruiting teaching and research personnel for the national public assessment. Related matters are announced as follows.
I. Posts and number of candidates
Recruit teachers who are engaged in teaching and scientific research in party schools (professional technical positions), and the number of recruits will be determined based on the results of the assessment, with a maximum of 10 people.
Second, the recruitment requirements
1. Professional direction: unlimited. Mainly political science, law, economics, civil engineering, sociology, journalism and communication, and art (hosted by broadcasting). Warmly welcome those with teaching, scientific research, broadcasting and hosting expertise to apply.
2. Have a full-time master's degree or above, and obtain the corresponding academic degree and degree certificate before July 31, 2020.
3. Under 35 years old, that is: born on or after July 31, 1985. The age of those with teaching experience can be appropriately relaxed.
4. Love the socialist motherland, support the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, abide by disciplines and laws, and conduct themselves with integrity.
5. Have strong professionalism and sense of responsibility, love education, have dedication, have good professional ethics, and love work. Incumbents must obtain the written consent of the unit where they work, and have no labor disputes with the original unit.
6. Good health and physical conditions to perform the duties of recruitment positions normally.
7. Nationality of the People's Republic of China.
8. Have the other requirements required by the post.
9. Registration is not allowed under any of the following conditions:
(1) Having suffered various criminal penalties;
(2) Have been expelled from public office;
(3) Any violation of law or discipline is under review;
(4) Those who have received serious warnings from within the party, have administrative records greater than the above, or have not been lifted from party or political discipline;
(5) There are other violations of national laws and regulations or other circumstances that cannot apply for the test.
Third, the recruitment process
(I) Registration
1. Registration method: Adopt the online registration method. 。 Application deadline: April 10, 2020 . For registration, please provide a scanned copy of the required materials and send it to the recruitment mailbox of our school (email address lszwdxzzrsk@163.com, please package the materials and name them "my name + school name")
2. Registration must provide the following materials:
(1) Download and fill in a "Registration Form for Liangshan Prefecture Party School of the Liangshan Prefecture Party School for Public Evaluation of Recruitment of Teaching and Research Staff" Column ").
(2) My ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional and technical title qualifications, etc. Fresh graduates are required to provide proof of school and student ID.
(3) Other proof that can explain my identity and experience.
(4) One-inch recent frontless photo.
(5) I have published or published a thesis or work.
(II) Qualification review
Qualification review of applicants will be conducted by the Liangshan State Party School and the School of State Administration. According to the information provided by the applicants, those who meet the requirements listed in the recruitment announcement will enter the preliminary screening.
(3) Preliminary screening of the expert group
An expert group organized by the Liangshan State Party School of the CPC Party School and the State Administration College will review the application materials, conduct interviews with the applicants, and evaluate the applicant's language expression, knowledge reserve, professional literacy, and research capabilities. The interview time and place will be notified separately.
(4) Interview
Interview with trial lectures. Mainly carry out a comprehensive assessment of the test results, professional knowledge, resilience and comprehensive quality, and the evaluation committee will score the performance of the hired personnel. Interview location: Liangshan Prefecture School of Administration, Party School of Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee (103 Shengli Road, Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province); Interview time and requirements will be notified separately.
(5) Determine the personnel to be hired
The judging committee comprehensively researches and judges the candidates according to their interview results, publications (work), etc., and proposes the number of candidates and the list of personnel to be reported to the principal's office; the principal's office is based on the recommendations of the judging committee, job requirements, and job matching. Study and determine the number of candidates and the list of personnel.
(Six) physical examination
The list of personnel to be entered into the physical examination will be determined according to the list of personnel to be hired. The physical examination will be organized and implemented by the Liangshan Prefecture School of Administration of the Party School of the Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. The General Standards (Trial) and the Civil Servant Employment Medical Examination Operation Manual (Trial) are implemented. Those who fail the medical examination will not be employed. For the shortfall due to unqualified medical examination, the principal's office will decide whether to make replenishment at the discretion according to the recommendations of the review committee, post requirements, and matching of personnel and positions.
(7) Inspection of political review
Qualified medical personnel enter the political review and inspection process, and inspect their ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability, learning (work) performance, and reporting matters. Those who fail the political examination will not be employed.
(8) Publicity
The qualified personnel to be hired who have passed the political review inspection will be publicized on the official website of the Party School of Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee. The publicity period is 5 working days (the holidays are postponed). Social reports are accepted during the publicity period. Reporters should truthfully report the situation with their real names and provide necessary proof materials or investigation clues. Questions and clues that are reported anonymously and are unclear are not accepted.
(9) Employment
After the publicly disclosed non-objection personnel are submitted to the Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee Organization Department for approval, they will go through the formalities for hiring staff of government agencies and institutions in accordance with relevant state regulations. Formally hired personnel can enjoy the salary, allowances and other benefits of the staff of the establishment according to the relevant state regulations, and the school will provide them with turnover housing.
4. Disciplinary examination
(1) The applicants are responsible for the authenticity of the materials submitted. Any fraudulent person will be disqualified once he is verified. The qualification review runs through the entire process of the recruitment process, and the applicants are found not to meet the job requirements at any stage. Can cancel registration or employment qualifications.
(2) Staff must strictly abide by the discipline of examination and employment, and in the selection, registration, interview, physical examination, inspection and other selection of illegal behaviors such as malpractices, fraud and fraud, the parties concerned shall be investigated for relevant responsibilities. Cadres and the masses have the right to report and appeal against disciplinary acts in the examination and employment work. Supervision phone: 0834-3227826, report mailbox: the entrance of Office 216 of the Party School of Liangshan Prefecture Party School.
This announcement is explained by the Personnel Section of the Party School of Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. Incomplete matters, please inquire on the spot or telephone or email during registration. Contact phone: 0834-3225467, 3230151. Email: lszwdxzzrsk@163.com
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Liangshan Prefecture Party School
December 27, 2019
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