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Recruitment of Dongsheng Yingchun Kindergarten in Shuangliu District, Chengdu in 2019

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Dongsheng Yingchun Kindergarten, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, is a full-time public kindergarten under the "Two Educations and One Guarantee" directly under the Education Bureau of Shuangliu District. It is located at 55 Gemo Road, Dongchun Yingchunqiao Community, Shuangliu District. It covers an area of 9 acres and has 270 classes in 9 Bachelor of Science. In the past three years, in line with the concept of "Run Zei Life Blooms Childlike Innocence", the aim is to cultivate the "Yunchun", "love reading and music exploration society life character", from the perspective of education and stance, all the teachers and staff of Yingchun kindergarten intently, infiltrated Way to provide children with suitable and appropriate education, in order to better allow children to learn happily and grow up healthy in the only childhood. Now, we need more companions to join this warm and harmonious family.
Recruiting positions:
Preschool teacher
Job requirements:
1. Hold pre-school education teacher qualification certificate;
2. Tertiary education and above;
3. Love life, love learning, care for children and be willing to grow up with them, be able to adapt to team work, have a certain ability to communicate and cooperate.
You will get:
1. Salary treatment:
(1) Basic salary + post salary + seniority salary + education allowance + star salary
(2) Reward for improving quality of education
2. Benefits:
(1) Five insurances and one fund;
(2) Rich union activities;
(3) Condolences at important festivals;
(4) 3 months paid holiday each year;
3. Professional improvement ability:
(1) Solid garden-based teaching research and training;
(2) Diversified training inside and outside the province.
Sincerely look forward to your joining!
Park address:
55 Gemo Road, Dongchun Yingchunqiao Community, Shuangliu District, Chengdu
contact number:
Teacher Liao: 18328596610 Email: 273102857@qq.com
Teacher Liu: 13981827825 Email: 773513794@qq.com
interview time:
January 15, 2020 (Please bring your original diploma, resume, original teacher qualification certificate, and a group teaching event for the interview)
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