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Announcement of Deyang City Mental Health Center's public assessment and recruitment of 5 health professionals in 2019

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In order to further accelerate the pace of talent construction, Deyang Mental Health Center will build a talent team according to the staffing requirements of the second-class specialist hospitals to enrich the center's professional talent team. The professional and technical positions in the establishment of Deyang Mental Health Center are now open to the public to recruit 5 health professional and technical personnel. The announcement is as follows.
First, the scope of the object
(1) Recruitment scope: for the whole country.
(II) Recruitment object: Personnel who meet the recruitment requirements of all positions.
2. Recruitment conditions
(I) Basic conditions
1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China.
2. Obey the Constitution and laws.
3. Have good character.
4. Academic degree is recognized by the state.
5. The body complies with the General Standards for Medical Examination for Civil Service Employment (Trial) and subsequent standards.
6. Age requirement: 18 to 35 years old, born from December 31, 1984 to December 31, 2001.
Intermediate and above technical qualifications: 18 to 45 years old, born from December 31, 1974 to December 31, 2001.
(2) For detailed post conditions, please refer to the post table (Annex 2)
For details, please refer to the "Deyang Mental Health Center's 2019 Public Appraisal and Recruitment of Professional and Technical Staff Post Form" (attached). Except for the special requirements of the higher level, candidates who are of the same level and above meet the conditions for the qualifications such as academic qualifications, professional qualifications, and technical qualifications.
(3) Those who are under any of the following circumstances shall not apply
The first is that he has been punished by a criminal punishment; the second is that he has been expelled from public office; the third is that the party or political disciplinary sanctions have not been lifted; the fourth is that the suspected violation of law or discipline is under review; the fifth is that the personnel examination is forbidden; the sixth is the trial period Seven are newly employed civil servants; seven are active-duty military personnel; eight are to be avoided; see part one (a) of this article; nine are not to be hired according to other regulations.
Third, working procedures
(I) Announcement
Publish public assessment recruitment announcements on the Deyang Personnel Examination Center portal (www.dykszx.com:88/index.jsp) and the Deyang Mental Health Center portal (www.dymhc.com).
(B) Registration
Use on-site registration. Applicants must provide one original and photocopy of their ID card, academic certificate, degree certificate, one original and photocopy of the required documents, post employment guarantee (Annex 3) or non-employment guarantee (Annex 4) 1 A copy of the Registration Form for Public Examination and Recruitment of Health Professionals in Deyang Mental Health Center was submitted to the Office of Deyang Mental Health Center (Annex 1).
(3) Qualification review
When enrolling, the Deyang Mental Health Center conducts a preliminary examination of the qualifications of candidates through reviewing materials and certificate appraisals to verify the basic situation of applicants, the authenticity of relevant documents, materials, and whether they need to be avoided. Review by Deyang City Health and Family Planning Commission.
(D) examination
Qualified applicants are organized to conduct examinations. The examinations are written and interviewed, of which 40% are written examinations and 60% are interviews. The pre-discount scores and total examination scores of the written interviews are in the percentage system. The test time and place will be announced separately.
1. Written test, mainly assessing medical professional knowledge. After the written test, the ratio of the number of candidates to the recruitment quota of 3: 1 is ranked according to the total score of the written test from high to low, and the candidates are determined to enter the interview.
2. Interview, mainly to understand the applicant's ideological and political performance, moral quality, work attitude, legal concept, value orientation, interpersonal relationship, expression ability and behavior. Investigate whether they have the required professional technical level and working ability after the interview. Interview scores must be 60 points or more. If you do not reach the interview minimum, you cannot enter the follow-up recruitment process. After the interview, the total scores of the candidates in the same position are proportionally converted from the high score to the low score. If the total scores are the same, the written scores are ranked from high to low. If the written scores are the same, the interview will be conducted separately. According to the results of the additional test, the personnel who will enter the medical examination will be determined. The total scores and rankings of all candidates will be announced on the website of Deyang Mental Health Center (www.dymhc.com).
3. Recruitment of post-examination medical personnel is based on the public assessment of the number of positions, and according to the ranking of candidates in the same position, the ratio is determined from high to low in order of 1: 1.
(V) Physical examination
Participants in the physical examination will arrive at the designated place on time with their valid ID cards, and will be unified to the second-level and above hospitals for physical examinations as required. The physical examinations refer to the civil servants' physical examination standards and their follow-up. The cost of the medical examination is at your own expense. Those who fail the medical examination are not allowed to enter the follow-up links such as inspections, and the vacant places are replenished in equal amounts. Only those who pass the medical examination can enter the inspection and publicity.
(6) Investigation and publicity
Deyang City Mental Health Center organized an inspection of the proposed staff and issued a conclusion letter of the inspection. It mainly examines the ideological and political qualities, legal concepts, moral qualities, work attitudes, professional capabilities, work performance, and compliance with avoidance regulations of the intended candidates.
The qualified candidates for the inspection will be publicized for 7 days on the website of Deyang Mental Health Center (www.dymhc.com). Reports are accepted during the publicity period, and the reporter must truthfully reflect the problem with his real name and provide necessary investigative clues. Personnel who are not suitable for employment after inspection and public announcement are not allowed to enter the follow-up links such as final qualification. After the vacant places are approved by the Deyang City Health and Family Planning Commission, the candidates who have been interviewed will be rescheduled in equal amounts.
(7) Final qualification review and employment registration
Before hiring, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will conduct a final review of the qualifications of the personnel to be hired who have passed the above procedures. Only those who pass the final review can enter the employment registration and conclude an employment contract. Those who fail the qualification cannot enter the employment registration link.
Fourth, work discipline and requirements
(I) Strict implementation of avoidance
Any applicant who has a marital relationship, a direct blood relationship, a close blood relationship within three generations, or a close marriage relationship with the person in charge of the recruitment unit. Responsible personnel and recruitment staff of the recruitment unit should also avoid those who have the above-mentioned kinship relationship with themselves or otherwise may affect the fairness of recruitment when handling recruitment matters.
(B) serious recruitment examination discipline
Supervise the application in good faith, pay close attention to the examination style and discipline, crack down on fraud and fraud, strictly prevent violations of regulations, and ensure openness, fairness, and justice.
(3) Strict supervision
Candidates who violate the relevant regulations will be disqualified from public assessment for recruitment, and will be terminated if they have been hired. Those who violate the relevant regulations shall be dealt with in accordance with regulations.
V. Schedule
(1) Announcement issued on December 31, 2019.
(2) Registration and qualification examination will be conducted on January 16 and 17, 2020 from 8: 00-12: 00 in the morning and from 2: 30-5: 30 in the afternoon.
(3) The written examination and interview will be notified separately.
(4) The physical examination will be notified separately.
Application Location and Contact Information
(I) Registration Location
Personnel Office of Deyang Mental Health Center (Address: No. 461, Section 2, South Huashan Road, Deyang City).
(2) Contacts and methods
Contact: Zhao Yong, Jiang Yangyang Telephone: 0838-2870551
Attachment: 1. Registration form for public examination and recruitment of health professionals in Deyang Mental Health Center
2.Deyang City Mental Health Center's public assessment and recruitment of health professional and technical personnel job list
3. Deyang Mental Health Center publicly assesses the employment guarantee of candidates for professional and technical personnel
4. Deyang City Mental Health Center publicly evaluates the employment non-employment guarantee for health professionals
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