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Announcement on the recruitment of 4 pediatricians in the Third People's Hospital of Zigong in 2019 (registration as of January 15, 2020)

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Due to the needs of the hospital, four pediatricians are specially recruited from the community. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

I. Recruitment Post Conditions

1. Age requirement: 35 years old and below (as of January 15, 2020);

2. Requirements: College degree or above, with clinical doctor qualification certificate; Work experience is preferred.
3. Good health and qualified medical examination.


(I) Registration time: December 31, 2019 to January 15, 2020, 17:00;

(II) Registration method: The online recruitment method is used for this recruitment. Please send the application form and related documents to e-mail to zgssyyrsk@163.com. The subject and file name of the email must be “pediatrician + name "Name, please call to confirm after registering online (contact number: 0813-3302254).

(3) Registration Information
"Recruitment Application Form for the Third People's Hospital of Zigong City", original and photocopy of academic certificate and ID card.
(IV) Qualification Examination
According to the registration situation, the hospital will announce the qualification review and comprehensive assessment time on the official website of the Third People's Hospital of Zigong City (http://www.zgsyy.cn) before January 17, 2020. The hospital will no longer notify in other ways. Candidates, please pay attention to the personnel announcement on the hospital's official website.
3. Assessment

This recruitment adheres to the principles of openness, equality, competition and merit selection, and adopts a comprehensive assessment method for assessment.

Fourth, go through the relevant procedures
After the comprehensive assessment of the staff to be hired, after the public announcement on the official website of the Third People's Hospital of Zigong City (http://www.zgsyy.cn), there was no objection. The personnel department of the hospital went through the physical examination procedures according to the recruitment procedures, and went through the relevant employment and employment procedures after passing the physical examination.
V. Treatment
After the examination and assessment, select the best candidates and sign the employment contract after passing the medical examination, and enjoy the salary, performance and welfare benefits stipulated by the hospital.
6. This announcement is explained by the Personnel Department of the Third People's Hospital of Zigong City.
Phone: Zigong Third People's Hospital (Personnel Department) 0813-3302254

) Attachment: Zigong City Third People Recruitment Staff Registration Form.doc ( click to download )

Zigong Third People's Hospital
December 31, 2019

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