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2020 Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Panzhihua City Announcement of Recruiting a Security Personnel (Registration on January 6-10)

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Due to work needs, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Panzhihua City openly recruited 1 security staff to the society.

I. Recruiting positions and quotas

Security personnel of Panzhihua City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: 1 person.

Recruitment positions and conditions

1. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and love socialism;

2. Compliance with laws and regulations, good character, decent work style, and dedicated work;

3. Have a high school education or above, no major is required;

4. Good image temperament, good health, under 35 years of age;

5. Possess good communication skills, affinity, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, dedication, team spirit and service consciousness, love and dedication.

6. Security personnel and veterans are preferred.

Under any of the following circumstances, employment is not allowed:

1. Having suffered various criminal penalties;

2. Have been expelled from public office;

3. There are violations of laws and disciplines under review;

4. The party discipline and political discipline have not been lifted;

5. Other acts that violate national laws and regulations.

Salary and benefits

After passing the interview, the trial period is 1 month. After the trial period expires, if the job requirements are met, a formal employment contract is signed through the labor dispatch company, and the contract period is 2 years.

Salary: 1900 yuan / month.

Fourth, recruitment procedures

1. Registration time: January 6-10, 2020, except holidays.

2. Registration method: Online registration and on-site registration.

On-site registration: When submitting the application, you must submit your personal resume, a formal and valid resident identity card, residence register, original and copy of the graduation certificate, and a recent 2-inch photo without a crown.

Registration address: 815 Zhuhuyuan Labor Building, East District, Panzhihua

Online Registration: Please send your resume, ID card, graduation certificate, and electronic version of the photo to the mailbox 86510658@qq.com for registration.

3. According to the registration situation, after a comprehensive assessment, our unit will notify qualified personnel to participate in the interview by telephone.

V. Employment

After the interview, select the best candidates based on the evaluation.

Consultation Phone

Office of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Panzhihua City: Wang Jianyu 0812-3355011

Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Panzhihua City

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