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Announcement on the introduction of urgently needed professionals in Guang'an Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. in 2020

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Guang'an Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. was incorporated on August 26, 2013, with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, and its office location is 773 Hongzhi Avenue, Guang'an District, Guang'an City. The "multi-point and multi-pole" support development strategy, combined with the development of Guang'an, fully integrated high-quality state-owned assets and resources to form a wholly state-owned limited company. It has a total of 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 10 first-tier subsidiaries. The main business involves investment and financing, construction, real estate development, sandstone mining and operation, microfinance, asset operation and other fields. Credit rating: AA.

In order to meet the needs of business development, a number of high-level talents are now introduced to the country. The specific matters are announced as follows:

I. Recruitment Objects

Qualified personnel nationwide.

Recruiting positions and numbers

Recruiting 5 positions, a total of 5 people. See the attached table for specific positions and conditions.

Third, the basic conditions for registration

(1) Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love socialism, abide by disciplines and laws, and behave properly.

(2) Being in good health and having physical conditions for performing duties normally.

(3) The deadline for the recognition of academic qualifications and degrees is July 31, 2020; those who have obtained overseas academic degree certificates should provide a diploma certificate issued by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education.

(4) Comply with other qualifications required by the position.

(5) Personnel who have any of the following circumstances shall not apply:

1. Have ever been criminally punished for a crime or expelled from public office.

2. Being filed for investigation.

3. Other situations where employment is prohibited by regulations.

4. Registration and qualification review

(I) Deadline for registration: February 8, 2020.

(B) Registration method: This recruitment is carried out through online registration.

Eligible candidates are required to send electronic documents to the company's designated registration email ( gf_group@vip.sina.com ) by submitting the application materials through the Internet before the deadline for registration. The title of the electronic document: applicant name + job position. (Each person is only allowed to apply for one post. Please check carefully before registering within the required registration time and ensure the authenticity of the registration information. Failure to submit registration information as required or registering outside the specified registration time will be considered invalid Or cancel your qualification) Application materials include:

1. A registration form for the introduction of urgently needed professionals in the year;

2. Scanned ID card;

3. Scanned copies of academic qualifications and degrees, academic letter certification report;

4. Scanned copy of qualification certificate / title certificate.

(The above materials will not be returned after delivery. Our company promises to keep personal information strictly confidential)

(3) Preliminary Qualification Examination: According to the application materials of applicants, preliminary qualification examination shall be conducted on the qualifications and other related conditions. Candidates should apply in strict accordance with the requirements of the position and be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials. If at any point in the recruitment process the applicants are found not to meet the application requirements or to falsify, their qualifications for registration or employment shall be cancelled, and all losses caused shall be borne by the parties themselves.

V. Recruitment methods

(1) Recruiting positions adopt a combination of structured and unstructured interviews. The total score of the interview is 100 points, mainly to examine the candidate's language expression, comprehensive analysis ability, resilience and ability to solve practical problems.

(2) The specific time and place of the interview will be notified separately. The contact information retained by the applicant should be accurate and ensure that it remains open during the recruitment period.

Sixth, qualification review and physical examination

After the interview, the ranking will be ranked according to the total score. The Guang'an Development and Construction Group Party Committee will determine the qualification review and physical examination quotas according to the enrollment quota, collective research, and equivalent.

Physical examination: The company will organize the physical examination of the personnel to be hired at the expense of the company. If the medical examination is qualified, it shall be determined as the inspection object.

Qualification re-examination: take a look at archives, interviews, visits, etc. to comprehensively examine the moral, ability, diligence, performance, and integrity of the surveyed objects.

Those who pass the physical examination and qualification review shall be determined as the intended candidates. Unqualified personnel will not be hired. The party committee of the Guang'an Development and Construction Group will conduct a collective study to determine whether to replenish.

7. Publicity and trial

The candidates will be publicized on the official website of Guang'an Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. (http://www.gafzjs.com/) for a period of 3 days. If there is no objection after the expiration of the publicity period, it shall be notified to complete the entry procedures, and the probation period is 6 months. After entering the post, the personnel shall sign an employment contract, and the salary shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the group company.

Recruitment is supervised by the Disciplinary Committee and Supervisory Committee of Guang'an Development and Construction Group

Contact: Ms. Wang; Tel: 0826-2125527

Attachment: 6-1. Guang'an Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" List of Year-round Introduction of Urgently Needed Professional Talents

6-2. Registration Form of Guang'an City 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" to introduce urgently needed professionals

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