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Announcement on the introduction of urgently needed professionals in the "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" in Wusheng County, Guang'an City in 2020

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In order to promote the strategy of strengthening the county by talents, effectively solve the problem of talent shortage in industrial development and major project construction, and provide more powerful talent support and intellectual security for the realization of "economically strong county and pleasant Wusheng", after research, it was decided to introduce Approve urgently needed professionals for economic and social development to work in Wusheng. The related matters are announced as follows:
I. Introduction of posts
For detailed recruitment positions, please refer to the "List of Talents in Urgent Need in the Year of Xiaoping Hometown 2020" in Wusheng County, Guang'an City (Annex 5-1).
Second, the scope of introduction
Excellent high-level talents with a full-time master's degree or above, staff of party and government groups, enterprises and institutions outside Wusheng County or qualified mature high-level talents.
Qualifications for registration
1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, support the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, abide by national laws and regulations, have good conduct and professional ethics, and have the physical conditions to perform duties normally.
2. Qualifications and majors are consistent with the requirements of the post.
3. Good health, in line with national medical examination standards for civil servants.
4. Registration is not allowed under any of the following conditions:

(1) Having been disciplined during school or work;

(2) Having suffered various criminal penalties;

(3) Have been fired from public office;

(4) There are violations of laws and disciplines under review;

(5) Those who are still within the influence period of party discipline and political discipline;

(6) Those that should be avoided in accordance with relevant regulations;

(7) Personnel who violated regulations and disciplines during the examination ban during the recruitment of civil servants at all levels and the recruitment of public institutions;

(8) Resignation, resignation or dismissal and dismissal from our county;

(9) Persons in other circumstances that cannot be registered as required by laws and regulations.
5. Meet one of the following basic conditions:
(1) Graduated with a master's degree from a full-time general university and obtained a master's degree, and the age is not more than 30 years old (born after March 20, 1989); and the doctoral degree is not more than 35 years old (after March 20, 1984) born). New graduates of ordinary colleges and universities in 2020 must obtain the graduation certificate, degree certificate, and qualification certificate required by the post conditions before July 31, 2020, and the original voucher for employment procedures.
(2) The qualifications of those who have obtained senior professional titles recognized by the Human Resources Department can be appropriately relaxed. For details, please refer to the specific requirements in Annex 5-1.
For the specific object, scope and other relevant requirements of the job application requirements, please refer to the "List of Talents in Urgent Need of Talents in 2020" in Wusheng County, Guang'an City (Annex 5-1).
Fourth, the main policy treatment of talent introduction
1. Introduce urgently needed professionals with civil servant status, and arrange to work in party and government organs or public institutions managed with reference to the Civil Servant Law and use the corresponding establishment. Those who do not have the status of civil servants shall be arranged to county-level public institutions to occupy the full financial guarantee of the establishment (the county people's hospital and the county traditional Chinese medicine hospital use funds to self-finance the establishment of the institution), and the employer has the establishment of the institution (excluding those managed in accordance with the Civil Service Law (Institutional establishment), the establishment of the cause; if there is no establishment, use the county talent reserve center.

2. According to the employers' equivalent education and qualifications, the in-service staff will be assessed wages and enjoy the corresponding benefits and insurance benefits.
3. The minimum service period for talents introduced in Wusheng is 5 years, and a half-year probation period is implemented. After the probation period expires, housing and relocation subsidies will be issued in accordance with the regulations after passing the assessment. 170,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan for deputy senior professional and technical titles, distributed over 5 years, 20% of the total subsidy for housing and relocation every year). If the hired person has not worked in Wusheng for more than 5 years or fails the assessment, the housing and relocation subsidy received by the hired person will be recovered and the employment relationship will be terminated.
4. During the first 5 years of work, the employer will provide living subsidies for the introduction of talents each year, 15,000 yuan / year for doctoral students, 10,000 yuan / year for graduate students, 15,000 yuan for senior professional and technical titles, and 10,000 deputy senior professional and technical titles Yuan / year.
V. Recruitment methods and procedures
Specific procedures are carried out in accordance with registration, qualification review, interview evaluation, physical examination, inspection, publicity, and employment procedures.
。 1. Registration method: The online registration method is adopted. The registration deadline is March 20, 2020 . Each person is limited to one position. Applicants must truthfully fill in the "Entry Plan for Talents in Xiaoping's Hometown 2020, Wu'an County, Guang'an City." Website, Guang'an Human Resources and Social Security Bureau website, Wusheng County Party Construction Network download. The completed registration form (scanning a 2-inch colorless recent photo to the registration form) will be sent to the mailbox: tanjie1219@163.com in the form of an electronic file (file name: name + job position).
2. Qualification review: After the registration is completed, the Wusheng County Talent Office and the employer will conduct a preliminary qualification review based on the registration form provided by the applicant. The qualified candidates will be notified of the interview by telephone in a timely manner. Those who fail the preliminary review will not be specifically notified. Those who pass the preliminary examination must attend the qualification review before the interview, and then truthfully submit the original and photocopy of relevant certification materials (my ID card, degree certificate, graduation certificate or school certification materials, 4 2-inch bareheaded recent photos, and a copy of each of the above materials) (One copy in one copy), fresh graduates must submit the relevant academic and professional certificates issued by the colleges and universities, and those who have a civil servant or management status with reference to the Civil Service Law must also provide the corresponding identity certificate and proof of unit consent to apply for the test. The materials provided by the candidates must be authentic and valid. If they are found to conceal the truth or provide false information, they will be disqualified from employment once they are verified, and the candidates will be notified of the situation, and all losses caused by them will be borne by me.
3. Interview assessment: After passing the qualification examination, candidates can participate in the centralized interview assessment conducted in Wusheng County, Guang'an City, and select candidates to be selected. (The interview time is initially set in early April. The specific interview time and location will be notified by telephone.)
4. Candidate determination: The interview team proposes preliminary candidates according to the interview situation and the post requirements. If there is no suitable candidate for a position during the interview, the position will not be introduced for the time being. For the planned introduction of candidates to organize medical examinations, the items and standards of medical examinations are in accordance with the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) "(Ministry of the People's Republic of China [2005] No. 1), Medical Examination Manual, Notice on General Standards for Hiring Medical Examinations (Trial) and "Civil Service Employment Manual for Medical Examinations (Trial)" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2016] No. 140), "Notice on Further Improving the Examination and Acceptance of Medical Examinations for the Civil Service" Ministry issued [2012] No. 65). After the announcement is issued until the implementation of the medical examination, if the state has issued new medical examination regulations, it will be implemented in accordance with the new regulations. Those who pass the medical examination and inspection shall go through the relevant formalities after being approved by the county talent work leading group for approval. Sign an employment agreement for the introduction of talents. After the probation period has passed the assessment, they will enjoy the relevant policy treatment. If the medical examination fails, the Wusheng County Talent Office will make up for them in turn based on the interview results. The medical examination personnel are determined according to the ratio of recruiting positions 1: 2. If candidates abandon their positions, they will sign a job agreement with candidates who are willing to serve Wusheng in turn. The minimum service life of talents in Wusheng is 5 years. Within 5 years, you must not resign, apply for dismissal, go abroad at your own expense, study abroad, or relocate from Wusheng, or you will be refunded the housing and relocation subsidies you have paid and pay the penalty.

6. Registration address, online registration email and contact information
1.Email: tanjie1219@163.com
2. Telephone: 0826-6220112 (Organization Department of Wusheng County Party Committee)

Other outstanding matters are handled by the county Party Committee Organization Department, county human resources and social security.

Bureau, county talent office and employer are responsible for explanation.

Attachment: 5-1. 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" in Wusheng County, Guang'an City.

5-2. Wusheng County's 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" for the year-round introduction of urgently needed professionals registration form.doc

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