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Announcement on the introduction of urgently needed professionals in Yueping County of Guang'an City in 2020

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In order to deeply study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, further accelerate the strategy of strengthening the county with talents, and effectively provide strong talent support for the economic and social development of Yuechi County, Yuechi County has decided to launch an annual introduction in 2020. Shortage of professionals. The related matters are announced as follows:

I. Introduced objects

Full-time ordinary university masters, doctoral students, overseas returnees with a master's degree or higher, as well as personnel with a master's degree or higher, or deputy senior professional and technical personnel from party and government organizations at all levels outside Guang'an, enterprises and institutions.

Second, the introduction of posts and requirements

In 2020, Yuechi County's institutions and institutions introduced 8 urgently-needed professional talent positions throughout the year. For specific positions and professional conditions, see "Yuechi County's 2020" Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program ". (Annex 4-1).


(1) Nationality of the People's Republic of China, love of the socialist motherland, support of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, support of the Communist Party of China, observance of laws and disciplines, good conduct, good professional ethics, dedication and professionalism, and strong sense of responsibility.

(2) Graduated from a full-time ordinary university graduate with a corresponding degree. Master's degree is under 35 years old (that is, born after January 1, 1984), and doctoral degree is under 40 years old (that is, born after January 1, 1979). Masters, doctoral students, and returnees who have advanced professional titles or have actual work experience may appropriately relax the age limit. The calculation time for obtaining a degree, title, and graduation certificate is as of July 31, 2020.

(3) be in good health and have physical conditions for performing duties normally.

(4) Comply with relevant avoidance regulations. Candidates who have a marital relationship, direct blood relationship, close blood relationship, or close marriage relationship within three generations with the responsible person of the employer shall not apply for positions in the personnel, finance, disciplinary inspection and supervision of the unit and direct leadership relationship with the superior.

(5) Meet the specific conditions for job determination (see the attached table for details). Candidates for the graduation certificate should be in accordance with the majors required by the recruiting unit.

(6) Other qualifications and conditions that meet the requirements of the post.

Situations where registration is not allowed

(1) Having suffered various criminal penalties.

(2) Those who have been expelled from public office.

(3) There are violations of laws and disciplines that are under review.

(4) The party discipline and political discipline have not been lifted.

(5) It is included in the list of persons who have been executed for dishonesty.

(6) Those who have not reached the minimum service life during the probation period and the newly recruited (employed) agencies and institutions.

(7) Personnel who violate the rules and discipline during the examination ban during the recruitment examinations of public institutions at all levels and the recruitment examination of government officials.

(8) Those who violate the relevant regulations and are unsuitable for applying for public institutions.

V. Introduction method

Adopt two-way selection and direct assessment.

Introduction Procedure

This time, only online registration channels are opened. If any candidate is found to have failed to meet the requirements for registration or has been cheating, he will be disqualified or not hired.

(I) Online Registration and Qualification Examination

1. Online registration time: From the date of this announcement to February 2, 2020.

2. Registration method: Download and fill in the "Entry Registration for the Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program of 2020 in Yuechi County". The registration form for the introduction of urgently needed professionals (Annex 4-3, 2-inch crownless color recent photos scanned on the form), electronic file (The file is named: name + job position) and send it to the registration email ycxrcb@126.com.

3. Qualification review: After the registration is completed, the office of Yuechi County Talent Work Leading Group will work with the employer to conduct a preliminary qualification review based on the registration form provided by the applicant. The qualified applicants will be notified of the qualification review and interview in a timely manner by phone, and the preliminary qualification will be unqualified. This is no longer specifically notified. Those who pass the preliminary examination must faithfully submit two copies of relevant certification materials during the qualification review (my ID card, degree certificate, graduation certificate, relevant professional and technical qualification certificates, and important scientific and technological achievements or academic results certification materials), with a civil servant or reference Corresponding supporting materials must also be provided for civil servant law management status.

The editors who sign up to take the examination must provide proof of the current work unit and the competent department's consent to apply for the exam. Each applicant is limited to one job category, and the contact information left by the applicant when registering should be accurate and maintain smooth communication.

(2) Interview, physical examination, inspection and employment

After the applicant passes the qualification examination, he / she participates in the interview and selects the candidates to be recruited. Related employment procedures. Those who are unqualified for physical examination and inspection shall be selected according to the situation of the interview.

The on-site interview mainly examines the comprehensive quality and professional ability of the candidates. The interview time is initially set for mid-February 2020. The specific interview time and place are based on the telephone notice or the information published by the website of the Yuechi County People's Government and the Yuechi Party Construction Network. . The items and standards of the medical examination refer to the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) "(Ministry of the People's Republic of China [2005] No. 1), the Operation Manual for Medical Examinations, and the" Revisions to the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)" And "Notice of Civil Servant Employment Manual (Trial)" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs [2016] No. 140), "Notice on Further Improving the Work of Medical Examination and Employment of Civil Servants" (Ministry of Social Affairs [2012] No. 65) carried out. After the announcement and before the implementation of this medical examination, if the state has issued new medical examination regulations, the new regulations will be implemented.

Seven, policy treatment

(1) All the introduced talents occupy the establishment.

(2) On-the-job staff with the same qualifications and qualifications check the salary and enjoy the corresponding insurance benefits.

(3) The minimum service period for the introduction of talents in Yuechi is 5 years, and a half-year probation period is implemented. If the probationary period has passed the assessment, housing and relocation subsidies will be issued in accordance with the regulations (full-time graduate students are 50,000 yuan, and full-time PhD students are 100,000 yuan). Those who fail the assessment shall be disqualified from employment. After the probation period expires, you can take the civil servant examination within the county, and continue to enjoy the relevant policy treatment of introducing high-level talents

(4) During the five-year service period, the employer shall provide transitional housing for the introduction of talents or grant rent subsidies.

Disciplinary supervision

The entire process of talent introduction is subject to supervision by the society and relevant departments.

Consulting Tel: 0826-5235722, Email: ycxrcb@126.com.

Attachment: 4-1. List of Yuechi County 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" Institutions and Institutions Introducing Year-round Professional Talents

4-2. The list of Yueping County 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" for the year-round introduction of urgently needed professionals

4-3. Yuechi County's 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" Annual Registration Form

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