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Announcement on the introduction of urgently needed professionals in the "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" of the Guangan Municipal Health and Health Committee in 2020

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According to the development needs of the city's medical and health services, it was decided to introduce a batch of urgently needed professionals to the country. Specific announcements are as follows (this announcement is also on the website of Sichuan University's West China Guang'an Hospital http://www.gasrmyy.com/, Guang'an City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine http://www.gaszyyy.cn/, Guang'an Disease Prevention and Control Center website http http://www.gacdc.com.cn/, Guang'an City Central Blood Station website http://www.gaxz.cn/, Guang'an City Health and Health Committee website http://wjw.guang-an.gov.cn/, Published by the website of Guang'an Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (http://rsj.guang-an.gov.cn/, "Xianping Hometown Pioneer" website http://www.gadj.gov.cn/):

I. Objects, majors and quotas

The medical and health units directly under the Guang'an city plan to introduce a total of 76 urgently needed professionals. For details, please refer to the “List of Years for the Urgently Needed Professionals in the 2020 Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program” of the Guang'an Health and Health Committee (Annex 2-1).

Conditions for registration

(1) Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, abide by disciplines and laws, and conduct themselves with integrity.

(2) be in good health and have physical conditions to perform the duties of recruiting positions normally.

(3) On-the-job and non-in-service personnel from outside the city that meet the requirements of the post. Among them: the relevant time definitions such as age requirements are up to May 31, 2020. New graduates of colleges and universities in 2020 must obtain graduation certificates, degree certificates, professional title (practice) qualifications and other certificates required by July 31, 2020; other personnel must obtain and provide graduations with required post conditions before the qualification review is completed. Certificate, degree certificate, professional title (practice) qualification certificate and other certificates.

(4) Has obtained corresponding professional practice qualifications.

3. Any one of the following circumstances shall not apply for the test

1. Having suffered various criminal penalties.

2. Have been expelled from public office.

3. Violations of laws and disciplines are under review.

4. The party discipline and political discipline have not been lifted.

5. There are violations of relevant regulations that make it inappropriate to apply for a public institution.

Relevant treatment

(1) The talents introduced by Sichuan University's West China Guang'an Hospital, Guang'an City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and the city's blood station all occupied occupational establishments.

(2) The minimum service period for the introduction of talents in Guang'an is 5 years (in-hospital training, out-of-hospital refresher training, etc. are not included in the actual service life), and a half-year probation period is implemented. If the probationary period passes the assessment, in addition to the salary and benefits provided by the state, Relevant professionals can enjoy "Several Measures for Accelerating the Construction of a Talented City (Trial)", and pay tuition fees and home subsidies on an annual basis (1. Traditional Chinese Medicine: 150,000 yuan for regular full-time undergraduates and 200,000 yuan for masters) 250,000 yuan for doctors. 2. Western medicine: 100,000 yuan for masters and 150,000 yuan for doctors.). Those who fail the assessment shall be disqualified from employment.

(3) West China Guang'an Hospital (Guang'an People's Hospital), Sichuan University, introduced doctors and masters, and Guang'an City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, introduced senior and above personnel, in addition to the salary and benefits provided by the state, in accordance with the hospital's talent management measures.

V. Introduction Procedure

(I) Registration

1. Registration time: Registration is available from the date of announcement, and the announcement time is valid all year round. In accordance with the registration situation, in principle, a centralized interview and assessment will be organized every quarter until all required positions are filled.

2. Registration method: Registration takes place through online registration and on-site registration. Candidates choose one of the registration methods to register, and the registration fee is waived.

(1) Online registration: Each applicant will choose a job that meets his own conditions according to the "List of Posts for Urgently Needed Professional Talents Per Year" by the Guang'an Municipal Health and Health Committee 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program" (see Annex 2-1 for details). Recorded positions. Applicants must truthfully fill in the "Guangan City 2020" Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program "Registration Form for the Import of Professionals in Urgent Need" (see Attachment 2-2 for details) and complete the completed registration form (2-inch crown-free color recent photo scan To the registration form) in the form of a word document (file name: name + job position) sent to the mailbox announced by the employer.

(2) On-site registration: applicants fill in two copies of the registration form, bring two originals and photocopy of their ID card, two originals such as graduation certificate or academic certificate, professional qualification certificate required by the post, and two copies, one inch without crown Two recent photos, go to the employer to register on-site.

(II) Qualification review

Eligibility review runs through the entire recruitment process. If any candidate is found to fail to meet the eligibility requirements or falsify at any stage of recruitment, he / she will be disqualified from the application (employment) and bear responsibility.

After the registration is completed, the Guang'an Municipal Health and Health Committee and the employer will conduct a preliminary qualification examination based on the registration form provided by the applicant. The qualified applicants will be notified of the interview by telephone in a timely manner. Those who fail the preliminary examination will not be specifically notified. Those who pass the preliminary examination must faithfully submit the original and photocopy of relevant certification materials on the spot during the interview (my ID card, degree certificate, graduation certificate, relevant professional and technical qualification certificate, and important scientific and technological achievements or academic achievements certification materials). Students must submit the relevant academic and professional certificates issued by the graduation institution.

(Three) interview evaluation

The interview evaluation is organized and implemented by the Municipal Health and Health Committee. The on-site interview mainly examines the comprehensive quality and professional ability of the candidates. (The specific time and place of the interview are based on the information published by telephone, Xiaoping Hometown Pioneer Network, Guang'an City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other related websites.)

(4) Selection of candidates

Competent departments and employers will propose candidates according to the interview situation and the requirements of the position. They will give priority to graduates with full-time regular college masters, doctoral students, and dual first-class colleges who have senior titles or actual work experience. If there is no suitable candidate for a position during the interview, the position will not be introduced for the time being.

(V) Physical Examination

The municipal health and health committee will uniformly organize a medical examination and inspection on the candidates to be introduced. (The specific time and place of the physical examination shall be based on the information published by telephone, "Xiaoping Hometown Pioneer Network", Guang'an City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other related websites.)

For the planned introduction of candidates to organize medical examinations, the items and standards of medical examinations are in accordance with the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) "(Ministry of the People's Republic of China [2005] No. 1), Medical Examination Manual, Notice on General Standards for Hiring Medical Examinations (Trial) and "Civil Service Employment Manual for Medical Examinations (Trial)" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2016] No. 140), "Notice on Further Improving the Examination and Acceptance of Medical Examinations for the Civil Service" Ministry issued [2012] No. 65). After the announcement is issued until the implementation of the medical examination, if the state has issued new medical examination regulations, it will be implemented in accordance with the new regulations. Those who pass the medical examination shall be inspected, and the files, individual interviews, and visits shall be used to inspect morals, ability, diligence, performance, and integrity.

(6) Publicity

The medical examination inspection is qualified according to the prescribed procedures for publicity, the publicity period is 7 working days. If the medical examination is unsuccessful, the municipal health committee and the recruiting unit will select the best candidates according to the interview situation to determine candidates for replacement.

(Vii) Employment

If there is no objection to the announcement of the planned employment, the Municipal Health and Health Commission shall report to the Municipal Talent Work Leading Group for approval and go through the relevant procedures.

6. Consulting units and telephone numbers

Personnel and Science and Education Section of Guang'an Municipal Health Committee 0826-2333565.

Department of Human Resources, West China Guang'an Hospital (Guang'an People's Hospital), Sichuan University, 0826-2600013, Email: 3229821582@qq.com .

Department of Personnel, Guang'an Hospital (Guang'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital), Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 0826-5122711, email 254523086@qq.com.

Guang'an City Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 0826-2335674, email 407612458@qq.com.

Guangan City Maternal and Child Health Care 0826-2349059, Email: 811852383@qq.com.

Guangan City Center Blood Station 0826-2351220, email: 275796402@qq.com.

Attachment: 2-1. List of posts for urgently needed professionals in Guang'an City Health and Health Committee 2020 "Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program"

2-2. Registration Form for the Year-round Introduction of Xiaoping Hometown Talent Program in Guang'an City in 2020

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