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2019 Chengdu Shuangliu District Longchi Elementary School Teacher Recruitment Announcement

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Chengdu Shuangliu District Longchi Primary School is located in the north gate of Shuangliu District, next to Shuangliu District New City, adjacent to Chengdu's Wenjiang District and Qingyang District. It is about 11 kilometers away from Shuangliu Airport. It belongs to the downtown area of Chengdu and has a superior geographical advantage.
The school was founded in 1906 and has a profound cultural heritage. With the care and support of the District Party Committee, the District Government, and the District Education Bureau, the school was established independently in June 2016, and began work independently in September 2017. As of September 2019, the school has been relocated to the new school as a whole. The school adheres to the "spiritual" education as the cultural core, adhering to the school philosophy of "Dragon Kyushu Chi Yuyingcai" and the education concept of "every child is a dragon," and "cultivating a smart and smart new era little dragon baby" for education People's goals, constantly optimize the teaching staff, strengthen internal management, improve the quality of education and teaching, run new high-quality schools at the doorstep of ordinary people, and run education that the people are satisfied with.
I. Recruiting positions:
1 Chinese substitute teacher.
2. Recruitment conditions:
1. Ideological requirements: abide by the Constitution and laws, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love the profession of teachers, conscientiously implement the party's education policy, strictly abide by teachers' professional ethics, and have good morals.
2. Character requirements: Good teamwork spirit, strong communication and coordination ability, proactive work, hard working, responsible, caring and enterprising.
3. Health status: good health, good image and temperament, have physical conditions to perform the duties of recruitment positions normally, and pass the medical examination.
4. Post requirements: Have obtained the undergraduate diploma, the corresponding teacher qualification certificate and the second-class certificate of Putonghua required by the qualification requirements.
5. Priority conditions: Those with relevant subject teaching experience are preferred; outstanding student cadres and scholarship winners during university are preferred; those with dual citizenship or permanent residence in dual stream are preferred.
Registration time
From now until January 31, 2020.
Fourth, the registration method
Online registration. After downloading the registration form in the attached file, please fill it out and send it to the email address 11736418882 @ qq.com.
V. Interview Requirements
1. Those who pass the preliminary examination will inform the interview by telephone. Interview location: Longchi Primary School, Shuangliu District, Chengdu (Address: No. 999, Section 5, Shuangjiu Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu). Interview time: Subject to telephone notification (If you have not received the notification, it means that you have not entered the interview). Interview form: simulated class + specialty display.
2. Participants are required to bring the following materials: ID cards, academic certificates, various professional qualification certificates, original awards and photocopies of various awards; personal resumes and other original certificates and materials that can prove further education and work ability.
6. Hiring methods: According to the assessment situation and recruitment quota, strictly select the best candidates according to the assessment results.
Treatment: Negotiable.
Consultation Phone
Teacher Zhang, contact number: 13683425765
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