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2020 Announcement of the Organizational Department of the Daan District Committee of the Zigong City of the Communist Party of China to Publicly Examine and Promote 8 Civil Servants and Public Participation Managers at District Level

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In order to further expand the field of selection, recruit excellent talents and optimize the structure of the cadre team. After research, it was decided to launch the work of Da'an district-level organs in 2020 to publicly examine and evaluate the work of civil servants and personnel of management units with reference to the Civil Service Law. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:

I. Examinations and Quotas

There are a total of 8 candidates, including 4 civil servants and 4 members of the management unit with reference to the Civil Servant Law. For specific positions and post requirements, please refer to Annex 2 "Daan District Publicly Examined Civil Servants (Public Managers) Positions" (below (Referred to as the "position sheet").

Examination scope, objects and conditions

(A) scope and objects

This public examination is for civil servants at all levels outside the Da'an district and government agencies and reference civil servant law management units that have already registered and are on the job and staff members of the reference civil service law management unit.

(2) The applicants shall have the following qualifications:

1. Good political and ideological qualities, with dedication and good professional qualities, love for work and dedication, abide by disciplines and laws, conduct good, and be honest and honest;

2. Good health and ability to perform duties normally;

3. The annual assessments of civil servants (participating managers) in the past 3 years are all qualified and above;

4. Age 35 and below (born on or after January 7, 1984). Full-time master and doctoral candidates aged 40 and under (born on or after January 7, 1979), age calculation is based on the results of cadre personnel file review and determination;

5. Eligibility requirements that meet the requirements for publicly assessed positions;

6. Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

(3) Any one of the following situations shall not participate in the public examination

1. Suspected violations of discipline and law are being reviewed by judicial organs and disciplinary inspection and supervision organs and have not yet reached a conclusion;

2. Having been disciplined by the party's discipline and government discipline;

3. Being expelled from the Chinese Communist Party;

4. In accordance with the relevant national, provincial, and municipal regulations, those who have not reached the service life or have other restrictions on transfers;

5. Civil servants (participating managers) have not expired;

6. Other situations stipulated by laws, regulations and related policies.

Registration and required information

(I) Registration and Preliminary Qualification Examination

This public selection is based on on-site registration, and each person is limited to one position.

1. Registration time: January 6, 2020 to January 17, 2020 (working days 8: 30-12: 00, 14: 30-18: 00).

2. Registration Location: Organization Department, Da'an District Committee, Zigong City (No. 54 Guanghua Road, Da'an District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, Conference Room, 4th Floor, East 7th Floor, People's Government, Da'an District, Zigong City), Tel: 0813-5522185.

3. Materials to be prepared during registration:

(1) Da'an District Public Examination and Approval Form for Public Officials (Participants and Managers) at the district level in 2020 (see Attachment 1) (in accordance with the management authority of the cadre, approved and stamped by the unit or competent department) in triplicate;

(2) A copy of the "Registration Form for Civil Servants (Public Administrative Personnel)" (with stamps) in triplicate;

(3) The original and photocopy of my valid ID card are in triplicate;

(4) Original and photocopy of the highest diploma, degree certificate in triplicate;

(5) One copy of the annual assessment registration form (with fresh seal) in the past three years;

(6) Three recent one-inch crownless color standard certificates;

(7) The original and photocopy of other materials related to the application materials are in triplicate.

Note: For the enrollment registration, the original and photocopy of the ID card of both parties, and a copy of the power of attorney must be provided.

(II) Qualification review

The qualification examination is organized and implemented by the Organization Department of the Da'an District Committee of the Zigong City of the Communist Party of China in conjunction with the examination units. The basic situation of candidates is reviewed. The qualification examination runs through the entire selection process. Candidates must fill in facts and provide personal information. , Cancel the qualification for examination and report to the unit.

(3) Post adjustment

The ratio of the number of applicants for each examination position to the number of examination positions must not be less than 3: 1. After the registration work is completed, the proportion of examination opening cannot be reached, and the district organization department will adjust or cancel the examination plan of the position. If the position is cancelled, the district organization department shall obtain the consent of the applicants and adjust it to other posts in our district that meet the application requirements or cancel the position adjustment plan.

(4) Obtain admission ticket

Qualified personnel will receive the "Admission Ticket". For details about the interview time and place, please refer to the "Admission Ticket". The interview time is tentatively scheduled for mid-February.

(V) Examination

The exam is a structured interview. The interview is organized and implemented by the Organization Department of the Daan District Committee, which mainly tests the basic qualities and abilities required to perform the duties of the post. Candidates should take the original valid resident ID card and the interview admission ticket to attend the designated place. Those with incomplete certificates cannot participate in the interview.

(Six) physical examination

After the interview, according to the positions and quotas of the examinations, the candidates for the medical examination will be determined on the basis of the test scores from high to low. Candidates will be notified in advance by the Organization Department of the Daan District Committee according to the work schedule.
The medical examination is performed at a designated medical examination institution. The medical examination items and standards are performed in accordance with the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)". Medical examination candidates who have questions about the results of non-spot and non-on-site re-examinations may request re-examinations within 7 days of receiving the notification of the results of the examinations. The contents of the re-examinations are items that have an impact on the results of the examinations. The re-examination is performed only once, and the results of the physical examination are subject to the conclusion of the re-examination. Vacancy due to unqualified medical examination or automatic abandonment, approved by the Organization Department of the Da'an District Committee, can be replenished one by one according to the level of performance in the interview for the same position.

(VII) Investigation

After the medical examination is completed, the inspection candidates will be determined according to the list of qualified medical personnel and the inspection will be organized. The inspection work should adhere to the combination of morality and talent, prioritize morality, suitable personnel and suitable personnel, pay attention to performance, and the principles recognized by the masses, and comprehensively understand the candidates' political qualities, professional standards, integrity and self-discipline, and whether they need to be avoided. Cadre files and verification of civil servants' registration form. If it is found during the inspection that it does not meet the qualification requirements for the post, it is determined to be unqualified and the qualification for review is cancelled. In principle, the service life of the transferred personnel in Da'an District shall not be less than 3 years.

(8) Publicity and transfer

The Organization Department of the Da'an District Party Committee decided to select personnel and publicize it to the society based on examinations, inspections and job requirements, and the publicity time should be no less than 5 working days. When the publicity period expires, if there are no problems or the reflection does not affect the examination and adjustment, relevant transfer procedures shall be handled in accordance with the regulations. If there are no special circumstances, candidates who voluntarily abandon the examination must submit it within 5 working days after the end of the inspection. Those who give up the qualification afterwards will be recorded in the candidate's integrity file, and they will not be allowed to participate in the selection examination of our district within 3 years. Vacancy due to unqualified public announcements and abstentions due to transfer of personnel after public announcements will no longer be filled.

Fourth, other matters

(1) This examination was conducted in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the central, provincial and municipal departments on personnel and personnel work. If you find violations of cadre personnel discipline, you can report it to the Da'an District Discipline Inspection Commission and the Da'an District Organization Department.

(II) This announcement is also published on the following websites: the personnel examination column (rst.sc.gov.cn), the Zigong Personnel Examination Website (www.zgrsks.com.cn) of the Sichuan Province Human Resources and Social Security Department website, and the people of Da'an District Government website (www.zgda.gov.cn). In the process of the examination and adjustment, matters related to position adjustment, interview results, and public announcement before transfer are announced on the website of the People's Government of Da'an District. Candidates are requested to pay close attention.
(3) Candidates are requested to leave two contact methods (mobile phone and fixed phone number) when filling in the registration form, and keep communication open during interviews, physical examinations, etc. After the communication method is changed, they should actively inform the Da'an District Party Committee Organization Department. Tel: 0813 —5522185. Candidates are not responsible for any consequences caused by their inability to contact the applicants.
(4) Candidates are requested to keep the "Admission Ticket" in a safe place. Candidates who are unable to participate in the interview due to the loss of the "Admission Ticket" shall be responsible for themselves.
(5) If at any stage in the examination and adjustment process it is found that the applicants do not meet the qualification requirements for registration, obtain fraudulent or concealed conditions to obtain registration qualifications, and violate personnel discipline discipline, etc., they shall be disqualified from examinations and investigated according to the actual situation. Corresponding legal and disciplinary responsibilities.
This announcement is explained by the Organization Department of the Daan District Committee of the Zigong City of the Communist Party of China.

Attachment: 1. Da'an District's registration form for public servants (participating managers) at the district level in 2020

2. Daan District's public examination of civil servants (participating managers) in 2020

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Organization Department, Daan District Committee, Zigong, CPC

January 3, 2020

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