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Recruitment of Jiujiang Nine Dragon Kindergarten in Shuangliu District, Chengdu in 2019

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Jiujiang Nine Dragon Kindergarten in Shuangliu District, Chengdu is a public kindergarten in charge of the education department. It was officially opened on September 1, 2017. The kindergarten is located at No. 111 Wenchang Road, Jiujiang Street. The kindergarten covers an area of nearly 10 acres, with a construction area of 4,600 square meters. There are 12 classes and more than 50 teaching staff. The kindergarten revolves around the philosophy of "inspiring wisdom with love and moistening the heart with heart", and is committed to creating a warm, friendly, comfortable and autonomous learning environment for young children.
Recruitment position: Kindergarten teacher
I. Requirements:
1. Teachers with professional ethics, caring, patient and responsible, and love early childhood education. Strong affinity, good image temperament, lively and cheerful, and healthy.
2. College degree or above in preschool education, and hold a kindergarten teacher qualification certificate, Mandarin certificate. Early childhood education work experience, professional elders are preferred.
2. Benefits:
(1) Treatment
1. Basic salary + post salary + seniority salary + education allowance + monthly assessment
2. Performance evaluation reward + mid-year (final) reward
(B) Welfare:
Purchase five insurance and one gold
2. Holidays and birthday condolences
3. Colorful union activities
4. Three months of paid leave per year.
Third, professional ability improvement:
1. Solid and effective garden-based teaching and research activities
2.Diverse district, city, and provincial training
Would you like to grow up with your child? Do you want to realize your educational dream? Here, Jiujiang Nine Dragon Kindergarten gives you a stage to realize yourself. We invite you to work happily with us! Happy life! Meet yourself better!
Phone: Teacher Huang 139 8052 7996 E-mail: 756490108@qq.com
Teacher Zhang 186 2809 3177
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