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Announcement of the recruitment of 13 fire clerks and full-time firefighters in the fire rescue team of Chaotian District of Guangyuan City in 2020

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In order to further promote the construction of various forms of fire brigade in the whole district, the fire rescue team of Chaotian District of Guangyuan City decided to openly recruit 1 fire clerk and 12 full-time fire fighters (including emergency communication positions and asset management positions) to the society. Fire clerks and full-time firefighters are on a contract basis. Fire clerks are mainly engaged in the daily auxiliary work of the office in the district fire rescue team, and full-time firemen are mainly engaged in fire rescue work in the jurisdiction. The related matters are announced as follows:
I. Recruitment requirements
(1) Basic conditions:
1. Support the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have good political qualities and conduct, observe laws and disciplines, and have no criminal record.
2. Have physical conditions to perform their duties normally, have good facial features, no stuttering, no disability, no color blindness, color weakness, no tattoos, and no other major diseases that are not suitable for the job.
3, have the ability to meet the job requirements.
4, with good moral sentiment and psychological quality, strong sense of discipline, able to keep work secrets, have the spirit of hardship and hard work, and obey management.
5. Fire clerks shall have a full-time college degree or above, and full-time firemen shall have a high school degree or above.
6. Satisfy other requirements for recruitment positions.
The following personnel shall not be hired:
Those who have been subjected to administrative detention and criminal punishment (including those exempted from criminal punishment); those who have been reeducated through labor; those who have been fired, dismissed, and dismissed by relevant units for disciplinary violations; those who have been dismissed from school during school education; have personal bad credit Records; participated in illegal organizations, cult organizations, or engaged in other activities that endanger national security.
(2) Recruitment positions and requirements for fire clerks and full-time team members:
1. 1 position for publicity and writing.
Responsibilities: Mainly responsible for the team's propaganda work, updating and maintaining the team's official Weibo and WeChat, guiding online public opinion, and assisting the team in writing work materials.
Recruitment requirements: both men and women, aged 23 years old and under 36 years old (born between January 1984 and January 1997), proficient in using video cameras and other equipment, proficient in office, Excel, Ps, Premiere or Edius video editing Production software; strong work responsibility, active thinking, creative, broad vision, and strong language organization and writing skills (preferred for those who have worked in related work or have relevant work experience).
2. One emergency communication post (full-time team member).
Responsibilities: Responsible for the daily video conference support, emergency communications equipment maintenance and emergency operation and use of the team.
Recruitment requirements: only male, 23 years old and under 31 years old (born between January 1989 and January 1997), graduated in communication, computer, intelligent application electronics related majors.
3. 1 asset management position (full-time team member).
Responsibilities: Responsible for the entry, management and binding of the fixed assets account of the brigade. In accordance with the annual work requirements, draw up a fixed asset purchase plan to assist the brigade in carrying out asset management related work and handling police work.
Recruitment requirements: male only, over 23 years old and under 29 years old (born between January 1992 and January 1997).
4. 12 full-time firefighters (including emergency communication positions and asset management positions).
Responsibilities: Responsible for participating in related tasks such as fire fighting and rescue, emergency rescue, social assistance, and preparing for duty.
Recruitment requirements:
(1) For men only, ages 19 to 31 (born between May 1989 and May 2001), urgently required professional and technical personnel and retired officers and soldiers of the fire brigade may appropriately relax age restrictions.
(2) Have the physical and mental conditions for various fire fighting and rescue tasks. Height above 170cm, weight should not exceed 25% of standard weight, not less than 15% of standard weight (standard weight = height -110); other physical conditions refer to "Citizen Physical Examination Standards".
(3) The following personnel are given priority in employment under the same conditions:
① Have a local account in Guangyuan or Chaotian;
② Communist Party members, retired soldiers, public security martyrs, spouses and their children who sacrificed public security police officers, who are righteous to be advanced individuals, graduates of political and legal institutions, and working police security spouses and their children;
③ Higher education, have more than 1 year fire clerk, full-time firefighter work experience or pass the third-level fire station qualification examination, firefighter vocational skills appraisal, and other professional qualifications, special skills required for firefighter positions People
④ Those who have expertise in computers, photography, video production, document writing, etc., can be appropriately relaxed in terms of age, education, height, weight, etc., and have priority employment under the same conditions.
Recruitment process, registration method, time and related matters
(I) Recruitment process
In accordance with the principles of "open conditions, voluntary registration, unified examination, merit selection", it is organized and implemented after qualification examination, physical fitness test or written test, interview, physical examination, political review, labor contract signing, and probationary period assessment.
(II) Examination of registration method, time and qualification
1. Registration method
On-site registration. Candidates should bring original documents such as their ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, and qualification certificate (a copy of the above-mentioned certificates must be provided), and a personal credit report issued by the local People's Bank of China, which can reflect my expertise or work performance, Resume, two recent 1-inch colorless photos, apply at the scene. Registration address: Office of Fire Rescue Brigade, Chaotian District, Guangyuan City (No. 64, Section 3, Mingyue Avenue, Chaotian Town, Chaotian District, Guangyuan City).
2. Registration time
From now until 17:00, January 12, 2020 (working days only, 8:30 to 12:00; 14:30 to 17:30), overdue will no longer be accepted.
3. Qualification review
Candidates should truthfully fill out the relevant information in the Registration Form (download attachment). In accordance with the requirements of the recruitment position, the relevant certificates and materials provided by the recruited personnel will be reviewed. The original documents will be returned to the applicant after review, and other materials will not be returned. If the examination finds that the relevant documents and information provided by the applicant, including identity certificate, household registration certificate, health status, actual age, academic credentials, work experience, qualification certificate, resignation certificate, credit report, etc. are false or forged; Infectious diseases or serious diseases that seriously affect the work, which were not declared at the time of application; those who have been detained before the application or have been investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law and not declared at the time of application, will be directly disqualified.
Qualification examination, qualified people can enter the written test, physical fitness test, psychological test, interview.
(Three) written test, fitness test, interview
1.Written test
Candidates who have passed the qualification examination take the written test at the time and place determined by the notice. When taking the written test, you must bring a second-generation resident ID card. The written test mainly tests the comprehensive quality of the applicants, and the scope of the examination questions includes laws and regulations, basic fire protection knowledge, public basic knowledge, official document writing, etc.
2. Fitness test (only for full-time firefighters)
Those who pass the qualification examination and apply for full-time firefighters participate in the fitness test at the time and place determined by the notice. When taking the test, you must bring your second-generation resident ID card. The items and standards for physical fitness testing are set in accordance with the "Outline of Training and Assessment of Fire Rescue and Fire Rescue Business Training (Trial)", and there are 4 items that meet the standards. The specific items are: 1500-meter run, 100-meter run (these two items must meet the standards), push-ups, sit-ups, standing long jumps, horizontal bar pull-ups, parallel bar arms flexion and extension (optional two items meet the standards). See the attachment for the fitness test standards.
3.Psychological test
Focus on assessing candidates' mental health and stress resistance.
4. Interview
The interview method is structured interview, and the interview and inspection content includes language expression, comprehensive analysis, interpersonal communication, organization and coordination, emergency handling and other abilities.
5. The examination time and place will be notified separately. Those who do not meet the standards will be eliminated directly. The results will be announced through the WeChat public account of the district fire brigade.
(Four) physical examination
According to the number of recruits, in order of the overall performance, determine the list of people participating in the medical examination. The physical examination is organized by the District Fire Rescue Brigade. The applicants will not bear the medical examination costs, and the specific requirements will be notified separately. Those who fail the medical examination shall not be employed. If there are any shortfalls after the physical examination, they can be replenished in order.
(5) Political review and publicity
Conduct a political review of the medical examination. Those who fail the political review will be disqualified. If there is a shortage due to the unqualified political review, they can be replenished in turn.
After passing the political review, the fire brigade determines the list of hires and publicizes it on the WeChat public account of the brigade. The publicity period is 5 days. If there are gaps due to unsatisfactory publicity, they can be replenished in order.
Signing a labor contract
After the expiration of the publicity period, the qualified personnel shall be notified to sign a labor contract with the brigade.
1. The probation period is three months (including pre-post training time), which will be assigned by the district fire rescue team according to the actual situation. Those who do not obey the assignment will not be hired.
2. Those who meet the post requirements after the probation period, sign a labor contract with the district fire rescue team.
Fourth, wages
(1) Wage treatment
1. Fire clerks. It consists of basic salary + performance salary + performance reward. According to different positions and individual professional competence, salary will adopt differentiated standards.
2. Full-time team members. Basic salary + performance salary + performance reward + post allowance. The fire rescue team determines the treatment standard according to different jobs and positions, and the specific labor contract shall prevail.
3. The basic salary of full-time team members is 2100.00 yuan (1800.00 yuan during the probation period). According to national laws and regulations, the fire rescue brigade purchases the "five insurances" for fire clerks and full-time firefighters (personal payment is withheld by the brigade).
(2) Other benefits:
1. Provide uniform board and lodging during work.
2. Enjoy paid annual leave in accordance with national laws.
3. Uniformly equip work or duty clothing and equipment.
V. Other matters
(1) There is no charge for this recruitment. Registration is not accepted through any means other than those listed in the announcement. The exam does not specify a guide book, nor does it host or commission any institution to hold a pre-exam coaching training course. Counselling classes, tutoring websites, or publications and Internet cards issued in any name in the society are not related to this recruitment. Examinees are requested to be vigilant to avoid being deceived.
(2) Serious recruitment discipline. Organize and implement in accordance with the principles of "openness, equality, competition, and merit" to prevent and eliminate malpractices; once the personnel recruited in violation of the regulations are verified, their qualifications for employment will be immediately cancelled and the responsibilities of the personnel involved shall be investigated.
(3) Keep liaison open. All relevant links of this recruitment work need to be notified by phone. Candidates should keep communication open, and log in to view relevant information in a timely manner according to the recruitment work arrangements. Candidates who fail to participate in the next recruitment due to personal reasons are deemed to have given up automatically, and the candidates themselves are responsible for the consequences.
(4) Any person applying for the job shall be deemed to have agreed to all the contents listed in the recruitment notice. Materials submitted by applicants will not be returned. The outstanding matters are explained by the fire rescue team of Chaotian District, Guangyuan City.
Consultant: Wang Dongmei
Consulting Tel: (0839) 8622007 18981218460
1. Registration Form
2. Physical fitness test standards
Attachment download: click to view
Fire Rescue Brigade, Chaotian District, Guangyuan City
January 06, 2020
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