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Recruitment announcement of Ganzi State Project Management Co., Ltd. in 2020

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Ganzi Prefecture Project Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ganzi State Transportation and Urban-Rural Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., was established on July 30, 2018. The company is located at No. 155 Xiangyang Street, Lucheng Town, Kangding City, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Business scope includes engineering project management services; network engineering; computer software development, software and auxiliary equipment sales, computer maintenance services, logistics services; mechanical equipment installation, operation and maintenance, communication equipment, communication equipment, cultural office supplies, stainless steel products, aluminum alloys Products, watches and clocks, glass products, sales of building materials, sales of hardware products; interior decoration design, consulting; advertising, computer graphic design and production; corporate image planning.
According to the needs of the company's development, open recruitment for related jobs is hereby announced as follows:
I. Recruiting posts, number and working place
Positions to be recruited this time: 1 financial officer.
Work location: Kangding City, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province.
Second, the scope of recruitment
Nationally qualified personnel.
3. Recruitment Application Conditions
(1) Basic conditions.
He has the nationality of the People's Republic of China, has good ideological and political qualities, supports the party's line, principles, and policies, maintains national unity, has a strong sense of enterprise and responsibility, and is motivated, innovative, enterprising, and teamwork. Compliance with laws and disciplines, integrity and self-discipline, hard work and hard work, good professional ethics and personal conduct. Have good psychological quality, good health, and can adapt to work at altitude.
(2) No application is allowed under any of the following circumstances.
1. Have ever been criminally punished for a crime;
2. Have been fired or fired;
3. Subject to party discipline, political discipline, or organizational treatment, which is in the period of influence;
4. Suspected violations of law and discipline are under investigation and no conclusion has been reached.
(3) Post requirements for financial personnel.
1. Bachelor degree or above in finance and accounting.
2. Under 35 years of age (born after December 31, 1984).
3. Accounting qualification certificate, accounting and accounting professional titles or accountant and above qualifications are preferred.
4. Familiar with accounting standards, tax laws and other relevant laws and regulations, familiar with engineering financial work, proficient in using financial software and Excel forms and using various functions.
5. Have certain financial analysis capabilities.
Fourth, the recruitment workflow
Recruitment is carried out in accordance with the procedures for publishing public recruitment information, registration, testing, and employment.
(1) Release public recruitment information.
Recruitment information is publicly posted on the Ganzi Prefecture Personnel Examination Network (http://rsks.gzz.gov.cn/) and the Ganzi Prefecture Government website (http://www.gzz.gov.cn/).
(B) Registration.
1. Registration time. 9:00, January 7, 2020, 17:30, January 23, 2020.
2. Registration method. This recruitment takes online registration. To register, you must fill in the Application Form for Application of Ganzi State Project Management Co., Ltd., and prepare your ID card, education, degree, professional and technical qualification certificate, professional (practice) qualification, and award-winning materials. The electronic version of the original of the above materials must be sent to the mailbox 869715696@qq.com within the prescribed time for registration (email title name: name + job application).
3. Registration requirements. First, applicants should complete relevant information and materials completely, accurately and truthfully. The ID used for registration and examination must be the same. If it is not consistent with the facts, the corresponding application qualification shall be cancelled. The second is that applicants who fail to submit application materials within the prescribed time will not be accepted.
After the registration is completed, a preliminary review should be conducted on the materials provided by the hired personnel, and the next step will be passed after the preliminary review. If the number of applicants is less than 3, the recruitment will be cancelled.
(Three) test.
The test is divided into a written test and an interview, and the written test and interview results are calculated based on a full score of 100. The total test scores are 50% for written examinations and interviews. The list, time, and place of participants in the written test and interview will be announced separately.
Written examination Post expertise and skills.
2. Qualification review. According to the written test scores, the top 3 rankings from high to low scores enter the qualification review.
Materials required for qualification review: "Ganzi State Project Management Co., Ltd. Application Form", my ID card, academic qualifications, degree, professional and technical qualification certificate, professional (practice) qualifications, photocopy of winning materials, etc. (1 each) Check the original and provide a copy.
Those who pass the qualification review shall participate in the interview; those who fail the qualification review shall be disqualified from the interview. Candidates who fail to pass the qualification review or give up automatically can be determined according to the written test results from high to low scores. The candidates who have the same written test scores will be entered into the supplementary process. The supplementary process will only be performed once. review. This recruitment is cancelled if the number of qualified persons who have passed the qualification review does not reach the ratio of 1: 2.
3. Interview. Take structured interviews and other methods. The main tests are the applicants' professional literacy, management ability, logical thinking ability, analytical judgment ability and language expression ability.
Written examinations, interviews, and overall scores will be publicized to the public as required.
(4) Employment.
The first place in the overall test is accepted in principle. If the first place renounces the qualification, the candidate will be selected for remedial work.
V. Welfare
The company upholds a rigorous management system, pays attention to the personal capabilities of employees, and provides good benefits, comprehensive skills training and promotion and development space. After employment, sign a labor contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Law. The probation period is 3 months (including 1 month probationary period for senior technical titles), and five insurances and one fund are purchased.
6. Other matters
(1) The examination does not charge any examination fees, does not specify the scope of review, does not specify a reference book, the applicant shall take care of all expenses incurred during the examination, and take responsibility for the safety of the period.
(2) Contact address: Ganzi State Project Management Co., Ltd., Xiangyang Street, Lucheng Town, Kangding City, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province.
Phone: 0836-2876659, Chen Xueke.
Supervision phone: 0836-8661929.
Attachment: Application Form of Ganzi Project Management Co., Ltd. (click to download)
Ganzi State Project Management Co., Ltd.
January 7, 2020
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