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Announcement on the public selection of 9 staff members from the public institutions in Daan District of Zigong in 2020

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According to the needs of the work, the public institutions in our district will publicly select the staff of public institutions for the incumbent staff of public institutions in the province. According to the "Personnel Management Regulations of Public Institutions" (Order of the State Council No. 652) and "Implementation Rules for the Public Selection and Appointment of Staff from the On-the-job Staff in Zigong Municipal Institutions (Trial)" (Zirenshefa [2016] No. 186 ) And other regulations, the relevant matters are now announced as follows:
I. Selection plan
Nine staff members of public institutions were selected for public employment. For details, please refer to (Annex 1).
Application conditions
(I) Application scope
Eligible government agencies and institutions in the province are recruiting on-the-job staff (except for service personnel).
(II) Qualifications
1. Good ideological quality, good professional ethics, discipline and law, and good health.
2. Full-time college or higher education.
3. Candidates should have the qualifications required by the conditions of the positions they apply for. Do not apply for the examination if you do not have the corresponding post category and qualifications.
4. Have 3 years or more of government institutions and institutions in the on-the-job work experience, and the annual evaluation results of institutions and institutions in the past 2 years are all qualified and above.
5. If there are special requirements for the post, the provisions shall prevail.
(3) No one may apply for the examination under any of the following circumstances:
1. The trial period has not expired;
2. The minimum service life has not expired;
3. The period under the influence of party and government discipline has not expired;
4. Suspected of disciplinary and law violations are being examined by a specialized agency and no conclusion has been reached;
5. Other circumstances that are not suitable for public selection.
Third, the registration method, time and qualification review
(1) Registration method. On-site registration is adopted for this selection. Everyone is limited to one position.
(2) Registration time. January 13, 2020 to January 17, 2020 (9:00 am to 11:30 am, and 15:00 to 17:00 pm).
(3) Qualification review. Candidates should bring the completed paper "Application Form for Public Selection and Employment of Staff in Public Institutions in Da'an District" in accordance with the requirements of this announcement within the prescribed time (Appendix 2, downloaded from the Zigong Personnel Examination Website www.zgrsks.com.cn), I have a valid resident identity card, a certificate of consent to apply for the examination (should be stamped by the personnel management authority), the original and photocopy of the graduation certificate and other certificates, certifications or materials required by the employment conditions set by the employer (2 copies), etc. , Go to the designated place for on-site registration (large conference room of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Da'an District, address: 2nd floor, Henghe Garden, Renhe Road, Da'an District, contact information: 0813-3228573), and select an employer or competent department to conduct qualification review .
Qualification review runs through the entire process of public selection and recruitment. Candidates must fill in personal information truthfully. Any fraudulent person will be disqualified once it is verified.
(4) Post reduction. Exams can be opened after the difference is formed. After the registration is completed, the position that still cannot meet the test opening ratio will be reduced or cancelled by the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and it will be announced on the Zigong Personnel Examination website on January 19, 2020.
(1) Issue interview notices. The competent department in charge of selection will issue interview notices to qualified personnel who have passed the qualification review, and will charge an interview fee of RMB 80 per person in accordance with the provisions of Sichuan Development Reform Price [2017] No. 472. The release time will be notified separately.
(2) Interview time and place. See "Interview Notice" for details. The interview is tentatively scheduled for mid-February.
(3) Interview organization and implementation. The integrated personnel management department and the competent department shall organize the implementation.
(4) Interview methods. The interview method is structured interview. The interview focuses on test candidates' professionalism, professional level and other comprehensive abilities.
(5) Calculation of the total test score: The interview score is 100 points. The minimum qualifying score line is 70 points, and those with less than 70 points will not be hired.
V. Inspection
(1) The object of investigation is determined. The inspection objects are determined in equal amounts according to the total score of the examination from high to low. If the interview results are the same, take additional test methods to determine the inspection target.
(2) Investigation organization and implementation. The inspection work is organized and implemented by each selection unit and its competent department. The inspection team should be composed of not less than 2 persons, and conduct a comprehensive inspection on the moral, competence, diligence, performance, and integrity of the inspected candidates, as well as the adaptability of their political and professional qualities to the positions selected, and highlight the inspection of political quality and moral conduct , Pay attention to the performance of inspection work, strengthen style inspections, and strengthen the inspection of integrity. The inspection team will review the personnel files of the inspected candidates, and will focus on examining the "three-year-old, two-calendar-one-identity" (age, working age, party age, education, work experience, and status of government agencies). The unit where the inspection candidate is located and its competent department shall actively cooperate with the relevant work of the inspection, objectively and truthfully reflect the actual situation of the inspection candidate, and understand whether it is necessary to avoid it. The inspection work is carried out by means of individual talks, issue of opinions, democratic evaluation, access to data and personnel files, special surveys, and interviews with the subjects. The inspections can be extended if necessary.
(3) Replenishment. The vacancies appearing in the interviewees after failing the inspection or giving up the qualifications for selection will be filled up from high to low in the interview.
If the inspection object voluntarily renounces the qualification for selection, it must be submitted to the selection unit within 3 working days after the inspection.
6. Publicity and related procedures
The candidates to be selected (that is, selected) should be determined according to the test subject's examination, qualification review, and inspection, etc., and should be reported to the district admissions examination authority for review in time, and passed the Zigong Personnel Examination Network.
After the publicity period expires, if there is no problem or the reflection does not affect the selection and employment, the candidates for the proposed employment shall be submitted for approval by the competent department of each selection unit and the relevant procedures shall be handled in accordance with the transfer procedure. If there are serious problems reflected and there is evidence, the qualifications for selection and employment shall be cancelled. Post vacancies after the announcement are no longer filled.
7. Other matters
(1) Candidates are responsible for the information and materials submitted. Anyone who fails to fill in the report or falsifies will be disqualified from selection and employment once verified. Candidates who violate exam discipline will be dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations. Anyone who violates the law shall be investigated for legal responsibility.
(2) The Zigong Personnel Examination Network is the main channel through which the main recruitment and administration authority releases recruitment information. Candidates are requested to log in to this website in time for the latest information. Candidates should keep their mobile phones unblocked during the application period. After the contact information changes, they should promptly contact the selection unit. Candidates are responsible for any consequences caused by their own or irresistible reasons.
(3) This exam does not specify guidance books, nor does it hold or entrust any institution to hold test counselling training courses. Any review materials, training courses, websites, Internet cards, etc. that are related to this exam in the society are not related to this exam. Candidates are reminded to be alert and not to be deceived.
Phone for qualification review, policy consultation and supervision
This announcement is explained by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Da'an District.
(1) Telephone and address for qualification review and policy consultation
Da'an District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Employment Promotion and Human Resources Management Unit (Contact person: Hu Xiaoli, Tel: 0813—3228563)
Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Da'an District (Contact: Lai Yi, Tel: 0813-2205650)
Comprehensive Office of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Da'an District (Contact person: Bi Yuanping, Tel: 0813—5801376)
(2) Supervisory call
The Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Daan District of the Chinese Communist Party 0813-12388
Attachment: 1. List of publicly selected staff positions in public institutions in Daan District in 2020
2. Registration Form for Publicly Selecting Staff in Public Institutions in Da'an District
Attachment download: click to view
Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Da'an District
January 7, 2020
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