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Announcement of Neijiang Municipal Treasury and Treasury Payment Center in 2019 on the Public Examination and Adjustment of 3 Staffs in the City

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In order to further strengthen the construction of the cadre team of the public participation units under the Finance Bureau of Neijiang City, broaden the horizon of selecting candidates, and in accordance with the principles of "openness, equality, competition, and merit selection", it was decided to publicly examine and appraise staff members across the city. Related matters are announced as follows.
I. Examination and Quota
Neijiang City Treasury National Treasury Payment Center 3 staff members.
Among them: 2 positions in economic management and 1 position in legal affairs.
Examination scope
Those who have registered for civil servants (participating in the public service) and are on the job are eligible to apply for admission within the city.
Examination conditions
(I) Basic conditions
1. Strong ideological and political, good comprehensive quality, strong business ability, aspiring to join the construction of Neijiang, abide by disciplines and laws, physical and mental health;
2. Generally should have a bachelor's degree or above, a bachelor's degree or above, or a graduate degree and a master's degree or above. Those who have received commendation from the municipal party committee, municipal government or provincial department or above, who have made outstanding contributions to work in the country, the whole province, the whole city center, and special work, may have appropriate conditions for academic degrees;
3. Professional requirements:
(1) Economic management positions: economics, finance, finance,
Economics and trade, business administration (accounting, financial management, auditing), statistics, mathematics;
(2) Legal affairs positions: law, law majors;
4. In principle, the age does not exceed 30 years of age (that is, born on January 10, 1990 and later), and those with a graduate degree and master's degree can be relaxed to 35 years of age (that is, born on January 10, 1985 and after)
5. Should have more than two years of basic work experience and more than two years of civil servant (participation) work experience (the deadline is January 10, 2020);
6. The annual assessments in the past three years are all qualified and above;
7. Other qualifications stipulated by the competent civil servants;
8. Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.
(2) No one may apply for the examination in any of the following circumstances
1. The suspected violation of discipline and law is under review and no conclusion has been reached;
2. Those who are affected by the period of punishment or have not expired
3. In accordance with relevant national and provincial regulations, the work has not reached the minimum service life;
4. Personnel during the probation period (including the probation period)
5. Other circumstances required by laws and regulations.
Four, examination procedures
(I) Registration
(不含周六、周日,上午8:30—12:00,下午14:30—18:00)。 Registration time: January 10, 2020-January 23, 2020 (excluding Saturdays and Sundays, 8: 30-12: 00, 14: 30-18: 00). Candidates or clients should register at the Personnel Section of Neijiang Finance Bureau (No. 166, Xingqiao Street, Dongxing District, Neijiang City) to register on site and submit the following materials:
1. "Application Form for Public Examination of Civil Servants (Public Servants)" in Neijiang Municipal Treasury Payment Center (Annex 1) in triplicate;
2. "Approval Form for Appointment and Removal of Civil Servants (Public Participants)" identified by the personnel file of the unit (requires the unit to stamp);
3. Original and photocopy of ID card, academic degree, degree certificate;
4. Registration Form for Civil Servants (Public Participants);
5. One recent 2-inch color photo without a crown;
6. Personal self-recommendation, main work performance and relevant certification materials.
(II) Qualification review
Neijiang Municipal Finance Bureau conducts the qualification review of the information provided by the applicants. The qualification review runs through the entire process of examination and adjustment. If at any stage it is found that the applicants do not meet the requirements of the post (position), the qualification for examination will be immediately cancelled. Those who are conceited.
(Three) examination
The examination is organized and implemented by the Neijiang Municipal Finance Bureau.
The test is divided into a written test and an interview, both of which are calculated based on a percentage system; the written test opening ratio is not less than 1: 3; the interviewees are determined according to the 1: 3 ratio of the written test results from high to low.
Total test score = written test score 60% + interview score 40%.
The written test and interview time and place will be notified separately.
(Four) physical examination
According to the total score of the examination, they are sorted from high to low, and the check-up objects are determined in equal amounts. The medical examination standards are implemented in accordance with the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servant Employment (Trial), and are implemented by the Neijiang Finance Bureau in accordance with relevant regulations. Vacances due to absent or unqualified medical examinations will be replenished according to the total score from high to low (if the total test score is the same, they will be replenished from high to low in the written test).
(V) Inspection
According to the medical examination, the inspection candidates are determined in equal amounts, and the Neijiang Municipal Finance Bureau will organize the inspection in accordance with relevant regulations. The vacancies in the inspection process are filled up in descending order according to the total score (if the total test score is the same, they are made up in descending order from the written test score).
(6) Collective research
The party group of the Neijiang Finance Bureau of the Communist Party of China will collectively study and determine the personnel to be transferred. The probation period for the personnel to be transferred is determined by the party group of the Neijiang Municipal Finance Bureau.
(7) Publicity and transfer procedures
If the publicity period expires, if there are no problems or no problems are reflected, the deployment procedures shall be handled in accordance with the prescribed procedures. If there are serious problems reflected and there is evidence, the qualifications will be disqualified and no deployment will be allowed.
6. Other matters
1. This announcement is explained by the Organization Department of the Neijiang Municipal Party Committee and the Neijiang Municipal Finance Bureau.
2. According to the registration situation, the selection and adjustment plan can be adjusted appropriately.
3. The application materials provided by the applicant must be true and valid, and please keep the communication open. If you cannot participate in the meeting due to poor communication or other reasons, you will bear all the consequences.
4. The examination and adjustment work is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant personnel and personnel regulations, and is subject to supervision by the discipline inspection and supervision department throughout the process.
Tel: 0832-2272550, Personnel Section, Neijiang Municipal Finance Bureau; Supervisory Tel: 0832-2042419, Second Division of Civil Servants, Organization Department, Municipal Party Committee
Attachment: Application Form for Public Examination of Civil Servants (Participants) in Neijiang Municipal Treasury Payment Center
Neijiang Municipal Finance Bureau
January 7, 2020
Attachment: Application Form for Public Examination of Public Officials (Participants) in Neijiang Municipal Treasury Payment Center.doc (click to download)
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