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Announcement of Public Recruitment of 17 Anti-drug Social Workers by Wu'an County Public Security Bureau in 2019

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In order to further strengthen the anti-drug work force and strengthen the anti-drug work force at the grassroots level, according to the needs of the work, we are now openly recruiting anti-drug social workers to the community. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:
I. Recruitment quota
The recruitment of 17 anti-drug social workers this time (including 14 males and 3 females), the nature of their personnel is not part of the State Council General Office's Opinions on Regulating the Management of Police Auxiliary Police Officers (Guobanfa [2016] No. 15) The police auxiliary personnel identified in the relevant documents of the province, city and county are temporary hired personnel. The recruitment was organized by the county anti-drug office, and the personnel were hired for no more than 3 years (January 2020 to December 2022).
2. Recruitment conditions
(I) Basic conditions
1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China;
2.Support the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, abide by national laws and regulations, and conduct good behavior;
3.Age 20 to 35 (the deadline is December 31, 2019);
4. Possessing a college degree or above (the state recognizes academic qualifications, and the Xuexin website inquiry), eligible veterans can relax to high school culture;
5.The net height of men must not be less than 170 cm, and the net height of women must not be less than 160 cm;
6. Have the physical conditions to perform their duties normally, have a correct body type, have no history of mental illness, have good psychological qualities and the ability to respond on the spot; have no obvious physiological defects and characteristics.
(B) Prohibition conditions
(1) Having received criminal punishment or public security management punishment;
2. Suspected crimes have not been identified;
3. Have a more serious personal bad credit record;
4.Dismissed, fired, or dismissed for disciplinary violations;
5.Persons currently engaged in police auxiliary work (including temporary hires), or those who have been engaged in police auxiliary work (including temporary hires) in the public security organs of this city and resigned less than 1 year on their own;
6.I, my family member or close relatives are sentenced to punishment, participate in illegal organizations, cult organizations or engage in other activities that endanger national security;
7. Other situations that do not meet the employment conditions or laws and regulations.
(III) Priority conditions
Under the same conditions, Communist Party members, public security martyrs, spouses and children of public security police, sacrifices of public security police, full-time public security or judicial college graduates, veterans, and brave will be hired as active elements.
Recruitment steps
(I) Registration and qualification review
1. Registration time: January 6, 2020 to January 20, 2020 (8: 30-12: 00, 14: 30-18: 00, except legal holidays);
2. Venue: Room 209, Wusheng County Public Security Bureau.
3. Application Information: The applicant must have one original and one copy of the valid resident identity card, graduation certificate, veteran's certificate, etc., and two 2-inch ID photos (white background). The qualification review of the corresponding personnel runs through the entire recruitment process.
(Two) comprehensive test
Qualified candidates must participate in psychological tests, physical fitness tests, written tests, and interviews. The psychological test results are qualified or unqualified. The physical fitness test is conducted in accordance with the "Personal Police Police Standards." Those who fail the psychological test and physical fitness test shall be rejected by one vote. Physical fitness test and interview results are counted as 30% of the total score, written test scores are calculated as 40% of the total score on the basis of passing, and those who fail the written test are counted as zero points as the total score. The content of the written test is a comprehensive ability test, focusing on anti-drug laws and regulations and public security business knowledge. There is no designated book.
(Three) physical examination
Candidates for medical examinations will be determined according to the total score from high to low. The medical examination standards shall be implemented with reference to the relevant medical examination standards enrolled by the People's Police.
(D) determine the recruitment target
Those who pass the medical examination are determined to be the object of recruitment and conduct a political review inspection. If there are vacancies due to voluntary abandonment of the applicant or unqualified political review inspection, they can be replenished according to the overall performance ranking.
Psychological test, physical test, written test and interview time will be notified separately.
(V) Jobs and benefits
After being recruited and qualified by the county public security bureau, the recruiters will go to the township drug control office where the police station is located to engage in drug-related work, and their salary will be implemented with reference to the standard of police assistants.
4. Discipline and supervision
To ensure that recruitment is conducted in an open, fair and just manner, the Wusheng County Public Security Bureau has set up a telephone for reporting supervision. Supervision telephone: 0826-6222891 (discipline inspection and supervision team of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection in the County Security Bureau) and consultation telephone: 0826-6662111 (Wusheng County Anti-drug Office).
V. Other matters
No other agency or individual is entrusted to register for this recruitment. The applicants should go to the registration place to register; this recruitment is not held and no agency is commissioned to organize any form of coaching training. Examinees are kindly requested to be alert and not to be deceived.
Wusheng County Public Security Bureau has the right of final interpretation of this announcement.
Wusheng County Public Security Bureau
January 3, 2020
Source: Edited by this site

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