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Announcement on the public recruitment of 7 special post general practitioners in Junlian County, Yibin in 2020

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Candidates must read this announcement and its attachments before registering!

In order to effectively strengthen the construction of grassroots GPs, in accordance with the requirements of the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission's Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of the Central Subsidy Project for the Improvement of Medical Services and Security Ability in 2019, our county has decided to openly evaluate and recruit special posts Doctor. Related matters are announced as follows.

I. Recruitment units and quotas

This plan plans to openly recruit 7 GPs with special positions. For details, please refer to the post table (Annex 1)

(1) Recruitment scope.

Recruiting nationwide. The staff of public hospital health institutions below county level (excluding county level) in Sichuan Province are not included in the scope of recruitment.

(2) Recruitment conditions.

1. Have good professional ethics, love for work and dedication, strong sense of enterprise and responsibility.

2. Good health and ability to perform duties normally.

3. College degree or above in medical specialty.

4. Males are under 45 years old and females are under 40 years old. The age calculation deadline is the first day of this registration.

5. In addition to the above conditions, one of the following conditions is required:

(1) Medical personnel with qualifications of practicing (assistant) physicians or above, and registered as general practitioners in clinical medicine or general medicine in traditional Chinese medicine.

(2) Qualified practicing (assistant) doctors and above, standardized training of general practitioners recognized by provincial health and health administrative departments (including Chinese medicine management departments, the same below), training of general practitioners in primary medical institutions or community health Staff General practitioner position training and assessment of qualified medical staff.

(3) Medical staff with qualifications of practicing (assistant) physicians or above, capable of holding the position of general practitioners.

Under any of the following circumstances, registration is not allowed:

(1) Persons who have been penalized for crimes and persons who have been expelled from public office;

(2) Persons who are being reviewed for violations of laws and disciplines;

(3) Personnel who have not been lifted from party discipline and political discipline;

(4) Active duty soldiers;

(5) Other personnel who are unsuitable for registration in violation of relevant regulations.

Second, the recruitment process

(1) Registration and qualification examination. Registration time: January 15, 2020-January 16, 2020, 8: 30-12: 00, 2: 30-16: 00 pm. Registration place: Health Unit of the Health and Health Bureau of Junlian County (Dingshui Second Street, Junlian Town). Qualification review will be conducted upon registration. The qualification review will be conducted jointly by the County Health and Health Bureau and the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Consulting phone: 0831-7683391.

Required materials for registration and qualification:

1. Each of the original and photocopy of the qualification certificate, ID card, graduation certificate (with a general practitioner's card, professional title qualification certificate together with one original and one photocopy).

2. 2 copies of "Registration Information Form for Special Post General Practitioners in Junlian County 2020" (Each copy of a recent 2-inch photo without a crown must be posted).

(2) Other matters: Candidates can only register with their second-generation valid resident ID card, and the personal information such as the name and ID number filled in by the applicant must be consistent with the information on my second-generation resident ID card, otherwise the qualification for registration Candidates shall bear all responsibility. Candidates who conceal relevant questions or provide or report false information and materials will be disqualified once they are verified, and all losses caused will be borne by the candidates themselves. Those who forge or fabricate relevant certificates, materials, and information to deceive the examination qualifications will be dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations.

(3) Assessment of professional skills.

Those who pass the qualification examination will be issued with on-site qualification examination notices, which will all enter the professional skills assessment. The assessment of professional skills is mainly conducted by means of professional skills interviews, which are jointly organized by the County Health and Health Bureau and the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The professional skills assessment mainly assesses the candidates' professional knowledge, clinical practice ability and comprehensive analysis, solving practical problems and language expression. The score of the professional skills interview is 100 points, and the test score = the professional skills assessment score.

Matters related to professional skills assessment will be notified separately.

(4) Physical examination and assessment.

1. Medical examination personnel are determined.

Candidates for medical examinations are determined based on the recruitment positions and quotas, and the test scores from high to low scores. If the test scores are the same, an additional test will be conducted, and the candidates for the physical examination will be determined according to the additional test results from high to low.

2. Medical examination standards.

(1) The physical examination is performed in a general hospital of Grade A and above.

(2) For the medical examination standards, refer to the “Notice on Revision of the“ General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) ”and the“ Civil Service Employment Manual (Trial) ”for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued [2016] No. 140) and other relevant regulations. If the state and province have different regulations, those regulations shall prevail.

(3) Participation of pregnant candidates in medical examinations shall be carried out in accordance with the National Civil Service Bureau's "Response on the Issues Related to Participation of Medical Examinations of Pregnant Candidates" (Guo Gong Han Lu [2009] No. 07).

(4) Candidates who fail to attend the medical examination at the designated place and fail to complete the medical examination for the specified items are deemed to have given up automatically.

(5) Candidates who have doubts about the results of non-spot and non-spot physical examination items may apply for re-examination to the County Health and Health Bureau once within 3 days after receiving the notification of the unqualified conclusion of the initial physical examination. The re-inspection shall be deemed as giving up automatically. The re-examination will be carried out at the general hospitals of Grade A and above except the original medical examination hospital. The conclusion of the medical examination is based on the results of the re-examination.

(6) The vacancy due to unsuccessful medical examinations or automatic abandonment. Recruitment units may, based on the vacancies, be reviewed by their superior department and reported to the government and social affairs department at the same level, and they shall be supplemented one at a time in accordance with the test results.

3. Make up.

The shortfalls due to unqualified medical examinations or automatic abandonment can be replenished one at a time in accordance with the assessment results.

4. Assessment.

The assessment shall be carried out by the employer or the superior department in accordance with the Interim Measures for the Evaluation of Public Recruitment of Staff in Yibin Public Institutions (Yi Ren Fa [2010] No. 14), and the authenticity and effectiveness of the personnel files and other materials related to the application Verification and qualification.

The vacancy due to unsatisfactory assessment or automatic abandonment can be made by the recruiting unit based on the vacant quota, after being reviewed by its superior department and reported to the government and social affairs department at the same level.

(5) Publicity.

1. The personnel to be hired will be publicized for 7 working days. During the publicity period, the reporter should reflect the problem truthfully with his real name and provide necessary investigative clues. Questions that are reported anonymously or otherwise are not accepted.

2. If there are serious problems reflected during the publicity period, and there are evidences that do not meet the recruitment requirements, the qualification for employment will be cancelled; if there are serious problems, but it is difficult to verify or deny for a while, determine whether to hire after verification.

3. Applicants who have passed the assessment will automatically waive any vacancies that occur during the publicity period or after the publicity.


(1) Go through employment procedures.

Those who intend to hire publicly announce that there are no objections. Each recruitment unit will review the authenticity of the materials provided by the applicants. At the same time, fill in the verification confirmation materials and the "Sichuan Provincial Specialist General Information Registration Form." After the department reviews the employment, it shall be reported to the provincial and municipal health and health administrative departments for the record.

(2) Personnel management.

Based on actual needs, the special post general practitioners recruited here will be arranged to work as general practitioners in township health centers in the county for a period of 4 years. The management and treatment of special post GPs during the employment period shall be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Pilot Work Plan of the Special Position Plan for Special Posts of General Practitioners in Yibin City". While in the township health center, the township health center is responsible for providing the corresponding revolving housing and necessary living conditions for the special post general practitioners.

After the appointment of special post general practitioners expires, the special post general practitioners who pass the annual assessment during the term of appointment and take a long-term root in the township hospital services will be approved by the county health and health bureau, establishment department, and human and social department. Within the free establishment of the hospital, the township hospital shall be formally employed in accordance with relevant regulations.

Special post general practitioners must be registered as general practitioners when they are stationed in township health centers. The relationship between the party and the delegation is transferred to the township health centers. The township health centers are responsible for the procedures of registering practitioners or changing the place and scope of practice.

The township health center is responsible for the daily management, daily evaluation and performance evaluation of special post GPs, and the results of the performance evaluation are reported to the county-level public medical institutions. County-level public medical institutions are set up to provide professional guidance and annual assessment of special post general practitioners. Those who fail the assessment may be terminated in accordance with relevant state regulations.


The funds required to implement the special post plan for general practitioners (assistant physicians) shall be borne by the central and local finances. No less than 80,000 yuan per person per year.

Special post general practitioners (practicing physicians) have an annual income of not less than 90,000 yuan. The central and local finances jointly bear 80,000 yuan, and the remaining 10,000 yuan is borne by the service unit.

V. Discipline and Supervision

This recruitment is strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the examinations of public institutions. For those who have been hired in violation of laws and disciplines, or who have been falsified, they will be disqualified from employment and their responsibilities will be investigated.

Consulting phone: 0831-7683391.

Attachments: 1. Job list of GP general practitioners in the assessment and recruitment in Junlian County in 2020

2. Junlian County Special Physician Registration Information Form for 2020 (click to download)

Junlian County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Junlian County Health Bureau

January 9, 2020

Junlian County 2020 Evaluation and Recruitment Post

Recruitment unit

Recruitment positions

Post code

Recruitment quota


Evaluation method

Agreed matters


Job category

Education (degree) requirements

Form of education

Professional requirements



Junlian County Central Hospital and Township Hospital





College and above

National Education

Clinical Medicine (First Class)

Females are 40 years old and males are 45 years old and younger.

Professional Skills Interview

1. The minimum service period is 4 years; 2. In-service staff in Junlian County are not allowed to apply for the exam; 3, 1 Mulian Health Center in Junlian County, 1 Wude Health Hospital in Xunsi Town, Junlian County, Junlian County 1 in Tuanlin Miao Township Health Center, 1 in Lianlian County Miao Township Health Center; 4. Posts are selected in order from the highest test score.

Junlian County Central Hospital and Township Hospital

Chinese medicine doctor




College and above

National Education

Traditional Chinese Medicine (First-level Discipline), Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (First-level Discipline)

Females are 40 years old and males are 45 years old and younger.

Professional Skills Interview

1. The minimum service period is 4 years; 2. In-service staff in Junlian County are not allowed to apply for the exam; 3, 1 Tangba Health Center, Junlian Town, Junlian County, 1 Longzhen Health Hospital, Fengle Township, Junlian County, Junlian 1 in Gaokan Health Center, Zhouzhen, County; 4. Posts are selected in order from the highest test score to the lowest.

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