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2020 Mianyang Beichuan Dong Autonomous County public evaluation public recruitment of 26 medical professionals in poor areas to recruit project personnel announcement

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In order to further strengthen the construction of the county's health talent team, optimize the structure of the medical and health professional and technical personnel team, and improve the county's medical and health service level, according to relevant documents from higher-level institutions and the relevant regulations for public assessment and recruitment of public institutions, in 2020, the county intends to openly evaluate the society. Recruitment of 26 medical students in poverty-stricken areas. Relevant matters are announced as follows (this announcement is also published on the Mianyang Personnel Examination Network http://www.myrsks.com.cn, Beichuan Dong Autonomous County Government Affairs Website http://www.beichuan.gov.cn):
I. Evaluation of recruitment scope and target
Recruitment positions shall be in accordance with this announcement and the "Beichuan Dong Autonomous County 2020 Public Appraisal Recruitment of Personnel Introduced Postgraduate Program Project Needs in Poor Areas" (Annex 1). The introduction target is the graduates of the previous year who are 35 years old and below and have a full-time medical and health college degree in a general college.
2. Recruitment conditions
(1) Candidates should meet the following requirements:
1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, obey the law and discipline, have a good character, and have reached the age of 18;
2. Comply with the relevant regulations on evading the recruitment of staff in public institutions in Mianyang City;
3. Good health, qualified medical examination, and can normally perform the duties of recruiting positions;
4. In line with the specific qualification requirements of the "Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County 2020 public assessment of recruitment of poor students in the introduction of postgraduate program project requirements". Among them: the applicant's valid diploma and professional name contained in the valid graduation certificate should be consistent with the "education" and "professional" columns required for the position to be applied for; the candidate's valid diploma should match his valid graduation certificate. The degree contained in it should be consistent with the "degree" qualification requirements of the position to be applied for; if not, do not apply, otherwise the qualification for registration or employment will be cancelled.
5. After recruitment, the hired person must volunteer to work in the recruitment unit for at least 5 years.
(2) Those who have any of the following circumstances shall not apply for the examination:
1. Having suffered various criminal penalties.
2. Have been expelled from public office.
3. Violations of laws and disciplines are under review.
4. The party discipline and political discipline have not been lifted.
5. There are violations of other regulations that make it inappropriate to apply for a public institution.
6. The county's health system is staffing professional and technical personnel.
Third, the assessment of recruitment methods
Take a combination of written test and comprehensive interview.
Fourth, registration and qualification review
(I) Registration
1. Registration time: February 10th to February 12th, 2020 (9: 00-12: 00, 14: 00-17: 00).
2. Registration methods and locations: There are two methods: on-site registration and online registration. On-site registration location: Personnel Unit, 4th Floor, County Health and Health Bureau (No. 1 Juda Road, Yongchang Town, about 50 meters in front of the main gate of Beichuan Middle School), telephone number: 0816-6198766; online registration email: 2427254412@qq.com, deadline The mailbox will be received at 17:00 on February 12, 2020.
3. Choosing a position: Applicants log on to the Mianyang Personnel Examination Network, read the "Appraisal Recruitment Announcement" carefully, and understand the objects, scope, conditions, registration procedures, relevant policies and precautions required by the appraisal position, according to their actual conditions Select the posts that meet the recruitment requirements for evaluation. Candidates can only choose one position in a unit for registration. They cannot use both the old and new ID numbers to register at the same time. The IDs used for registration and examination must be the same.
4. Documents to be submitted: When registering on-site, you need to bring the “Registration Information Form for Public Appraisal and Recruitment of Health Talents in Poor Areas in Beichuan Dong Autonomous County in 2020” (Appendix 2), my valid ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional qualification certificate, professional Original and photocopy of technical post qualification certificate, and print the electronic registration record form of the education certificate of the Ministry of Education (with two-dimensional verification) from China Higher Education Information Network (Xinxinnet): http://www.chsi.com.cn/ Code), two 1-inch color uncovered ID photos. The online registration must be packaged, scanned and uploaded in the pdf format of the “Beichuan Dong Autonomous County 2020 Public Examination and Recruitment of Health Talents Project Personnel from Poor Areas” Registration Information Form (Appendix 2), my valid ID card, electronic version of the same color crown-free certificate photo, graduation certificate, Degree certificate, professional qualification certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate, academic certificate electronic registration record form and other required certification materials; compressed package name format is unified: name + phone number + recruitment post name + post code.
5. Registration requirements: The information, certificates, certifications and other information provided by the applicants must be true, valid, and complete at the time of registration. If any applicant is found to fail to meet the application requirements or is fraudulent at any stage of recruitment, his or her qualifications will be cancelled. And the consequences are at your own risk, and all losses caused shall be borne by the parties themselves.
(II) Qualification review
Qualification review includes qualification review during registration and qualification confirmation during employment procedures. The health and health bureau is responsible for the qualification review at the time of registration, and the human resources and health bureau are jointly responsible for the qualification review. The qualification confirmation during the employment procedure is the responsibility of the social and health bureau. If any candidate is found not to meet the requirements of the recruitment position at any stage of the qualification review, his or her qualifications for cancellation may be cancelled, and all losses caused shall be borne by the candidate himself.
Those who pass the qualification examination shall receive a written examination notice and pay a written examination fee of 50 yuan per subject in accordance with the provisions of the Sichuan Development Reform Price [2017] No. 472 document. (Online applicants must bring all original online newspaper materials for qualification review on the day they receive the written test notice). The specific time and place for receiving the written examination notice will be announced on Beichuan Government Affairs Network. Those who do not receive the payment within the time limit will be deemed to have given up automatically.
V. Examination
Total written test scores = (written test scores + policy bonus points) x 50% + minority bonus points.
Total test score = total written test score + interview score 50%.
(1) Written test (100 points)
1. Written test content. Medical, technical and pharmaceutical positions are "basic knowledge of medicine", nursing positions are "basic knowledge of nursing".
2. Written test time and place. The written test notice shall prevail.
Candidates take the written examination notice and the original ID card to attend the written examination on the day of the written examination. All responsibilities for affecting the written examination due to the relevant documents not meeting the requirements are the responsibility of the applicant. Failure to take the written test within the prescribed time shall be deemed as abandonment automatically.
3. Comprehensive interview finalist minimum score line. The score of the written test for the comprehensive interview must reach 70% of the average score of the written test for all the reference personnel recruited in the assessment and the content of the test (no score in the written test or a score of 0 is not considered as a valid score to calculate the average score). After the written test is completed, according to the applicant's total written test scores, the overall interviewer is determined according to the number of job applicants 1: 3 (the person who has the same written test score as the last comprehensive interview finalist, is also determined as the comprehensive interviewer). If the ratio of the number of job applicants to the number of finalists for the interview is less than 1: 3, the actual number will enter the comprehensive interview. For the total score of the written test and whether to enter the comprehensive interview, candidates should log in to the Beichuan Government Affairs Network to make an inquiry. According to the Sichuan Province Personnel Examination Scoring Rules, this examination is an objective question, and no scoring application will be accepted.
4. Extra points.
(1) Policy bonus. Participated in the "University Volunteer Service in the West" plan, the "Three Supports and One Support" plan, the "One Hundred Social Workers" plan, the "Special Post for School Teachers in the Rural Compulsory Education Stage" plan, and the "One Village (Community) One College Student Cadre" plan Personnel, as of February 10, 2020, those who have served in the township and below and grass-roots units under the terms of the policy and have passed the assessment shall be awarded points in accordance with the provisions of Sichuan Renfa [2007] No. 16 and Sichuan Group Pass [2010] No. 4; College student soldiers will be given extra points in accordance with the provisions of the Sichuan People's News Agency [2012] No. 406 and the Sichuan People's News Agency [2018] No. 318. The above-mentioned documents were rated as “excellent” in the non-annual assessment. If the above points are met at the same time, points will be added before the written test is converted according to the principle of high but not cumulative. The maximum bonus is no more than 6 points. Among them, those who have already enjoyed the policy-based bonus points of basic-level service projects and have been admitted to the institutions and institutions once again take part in the recruitment examination will no longer enjoy the same project bonus points policy.
(2) Minority points. With reference to Article 11 of the "Public Servants Law of the People's Republic of China" on "Employment of civil servants in ethnic autonomous areas in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, appropriate care shall be given to applicants from ethnic minorities in accordance with the law and relevant regulations". 1 point is added to the written test result.
(3) Candidates applying for extra points must submit the following materials to the County Office of Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau 202 (Beichuan Dong Autonomous County Yongchang) on February 20, 2020 (9: 00-12: 00, 14: 00-17: 00) Town Juda Road No. 3) for review:
① Basic-level service project personnel must provide certification (certificate of approval), ID card, service certificate (service agreement, assessment materials), and county-level or above project management department (Organization Department, Human and Social Affairs Bureau, Youth League Committee, Education Bureau) For samples, please refer to the original and copy of the materials.
② Retired university student soldiers must provide the original and photocopy of admission ticket, ID card, full-time ordinary class graduation certificate of general higher education, "retirement certificate", "excellent soldier certificate" and related award certificates (certificates).
③ Applicants for ethnic minorities must provide originals and photocopies of materials such as identity cards or household registration books.
Incomplete materials, non-original materials, or materials that are not submitted after the deadline, will not be accepted, and will be deemed to give up extra points automatically, and the applicants shall bear the responsibility. The situation of the personnel to be added is announced on Beichuan Government Affairs Network.
(2) Comprehensive interview (100 points)
For the specific time, place and method of the comprehensive interview, please refer to the "Interview Notice". Shortlisted candidates for comprehensive interviews must pay an interview fee of 80 yuan and receive the "Interview Notice" according to the rules of Sichuan Development Reform [2017] No. 472 before participating in the comprehensive interview. The relevant matters received by the "Interview Notice" will be announced on Beichuan Government Affairs Network. Announcement notice prevails, no more phone notification, please check the candidates' attention. Failure to receive the Notice of Interview within the prescribed time shall be deemed to be a waiver.
1. Comprehensive interview content is a professional skills test. Mainly assess the professional knowledge and skills of candidates.
2. When the number of people participating in the interview is lower than the required number of finalists, the actual number will be used for the interview. For the positions that constitute competition, the examination objects are determined according to the total score of the examination from high to low scores; the positions that do not constitute competition need to reach 80% of the average score of the interview results of the general interview group before they can enter the medical examination.
3. The examination scores, physical examination, assessment and other specific matters shall be arranged separately after the interview and announced on Beichuan Government Affairs Network.
Six, physical examination
(1) According to the number of positions recruited, the medical examination personnel shall be determined according to the total score of the applicants from the high score to the low score. If the total test scores are the same, the interview scores will be sorted according to the highest and lowest scores; if the interview scores are the same, a comprehensive interview will be organized for screening.
(2) The medical examination related requirements and specific matters will be announced separately on Beichuan Government Affairs Network. The announcement will prevail and will not be notified by telephone.
(3) The medical examination items and standards shall be implemented with reference to the revised General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) and the Operation Manual for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial). Among them, the Hepatitis B testing project is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the “Notice on Further Regulating the Admission and Employment Physical Examination Project to Maintain the Right to Admission and Employment of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Carriers” of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. If there are other regulations by the state, province, industry, and post, those regulations shall prevail. If you have questions about the results of the medical examination, you can apply for a re-examination. The application for the re-examination should be filed within 3 days from the date of receiving the notification of the results of the medical examination. The re-examination is only conducted once, and the conclusion of the medical examination is subject to the results of the re-examination. Those who fail to attend the physical examination at the designated place within the prescribed time will be deemed to have given up automatically.
(4) Whether the vacancy due to failing to participate in medical examinations and failing medical examinations in accordance with requirements is to be replenished shall be determined by the competent department and the recruitment unit. If replenishment is required, after the approval of the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the medical examination personnel will be replenished in equal amounts in order from the high score to the low score of the applicant's examination results. Candidates who have voluntarily waived the supplementary examination and failed the supplementary examination due to the pregnancy application for postponed examination of some medical examination items will not be resubmitted.
(5) All expenses incurred during the medical examination shall be borne by the applicant.
Seven, assessment
Competent authorities and recruiting units conduct comprehensive assessments of qualified medical personnel. The assessment content mainly includes the applicant's political ideology, moral cultivation, ability and quality, study and work performance, compliance with laws and regulations, integrity and self-discipline, social relations, and the need for avoidance, etc., and verification of the qualifications for recruitment, and application information provided. And whether the relevant materials are true and accurate.
For those personnel who are found not to meet the recruitment requirements during the assessment, the recruiting unit and the competent department shall report to the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to cancel their employment qualifications. Whether the recruitment unit and the competent department are unable to perform the assessment due to unqualified assessments, automatic abandonment, or due to the applicant's personal reasons, the recruitment unit (the competent department) reports to the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for determination. If it is necessary to replenish, the candidates for the post will be re-submitted for a medical examination according to the total test score from high to low scores. After passing the medical examination, the by-products will be comprehensively evaluated.
Those who pass the assessment are determined to be the candidates, and will be displayed on Mianyang Personnel Examination Network for 5 working days. During the publicity period, social reports are accepted. Whistleblower should reflect the problem realistically and provide necessary proof materials or investigation clues.
After the announcement of the proposed personnel, if there are no reflections or the reflections do not affect the employment, the employment procedures shall be followed in accordance with the prescribed procedures; if there are problems and the evidence is found, and the employment conditions are not met, the employment shall not be hired; Problems, but if it is difficult to verify or deny for a while, the employment will be suspended and the decision will be made after the investigation is completed. After the announcement, the vacancy due to various reasons will not be replenished.
Nine, hire
After the public announcement, there is no objection. For the positions that are set up as a whole and the specific recruitment unit is not specified, the personnel to be hired are selected from the specific recruitment unit according to the total score of the examination from high to low. If the total test scores are the same, the interview scores will be sorted.
Medical graduates who are directed to introduce project management in poverty-stricken areas will receive a subsidy of 5,000 yuan for each year of service when they pass the service during the 6-year service period; if the annual assessment fails, the subsidy will not be issued for that year; If the service period is less than 6 years, the project subsidy fee that has been enjoyed will be fully refunded, and a penalty of 5,000 yuan will be paid for each additional year. The refunded subsidy fee and the penalty fee paid will be paid into the local vault.
X. Other matters
(1) Candidates are requested to read the announcement carefully before registration, and carefully select positions that fully match their own conditions for registration in accordance with the specific requirements of the announcement and recruitment positions.
(2) Relevant matters related to adjustments, supplements, tips and qualification examinations, interviews, and physical examinations of this exam are posted on Beichuan Government Affairs Network. The applicants are responsible for the consequences caused by not taking the initiative to check the relevant announcements of Beichuan Government Affairs Network in a timely manner.
(3) Candidates are required to keep their telephone communication open during the entire recruitment period (except during the examination). After the communication method is changed, it shall promptly inform the competent department of recruitment. Candidates are not responsible for any consequences caused by their inability to contact the applicants.
(4) ID cards and notices are important documents for applicants to participate in various subjects such as examinations and physical examinations. Please keep them properly. Candidates must use valid second-generation ID cards (excluding expired ID cards, photo ID copies, and first-generation resident ID cards) throughout the recruitment process. The online registration and examination ID must be the same.
Eleventh, recruitment discipline
(1) In order to ensure the smooth progress of the assessment and recruitment work, the assessment and recruitment work shall be subject to disciplinary inspection, supervision and supervision from all walks of life and rigorous fraud.
(2) If there is any violation of the regulations or fraud in any part of the examination, once it is verified that the examination or the qualification for employment has been cancelled, the person who has been hired shall be dismissed, and the parties shall be held accountable in accordance with personnel discipline.
(3) When recruiting staff, when they handle matters concerning recruitment, those who have a marital relationship, direct kinship relationship, collateral relationship within three generations, and close marriage relationship with the reference person, or others that may affect the fairness of the recruitment, should be avoided.
12. The County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau is responsible for the interpretation of this announcement.
Phone: County Health Bureau: 0816-6198766
County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs: 0816-4823175
County Commission for Discipline Inspection: 0816-4821390
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