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2020 Announcement on the Public Recruitment of One Non-staff in Yibin Internet Public Opinion Center

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Yibin Internet Public Opinion Center is a first-class public welfare institution. Due to work needs, our center decided to openly recruit one non-staff to the society. Related matters are announced as follows.
I. Recruitment methods
Adopt voluntary registration, fair and fair competition, and merit selection and selection.
Second, the nature and conditions of recruitment positions
(1) The recruitment positions are for the preparation of external workers and shall be managed in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Labor Law, Labor Contract Law, and Social Insurance Law.
(II) Recruitment conditions
1. CPC members have good political qualities, strong professionalism and responsibility, and strong dedication and dedication;
2. Male, under 28 years of age (born after January 1, 1992), in good health;
3. Bachelor degree or above in full-time national education, literature or computer is preferred;
4. Have a certain written background, familiar with the Internet and new media, work experience in the website and news media is preferred;
5. Strong sense of organization and law, obey unit management, and consciously abide by unit work system;
6. Those who are not allowed to apply for the examination in any of the following situations: Those who have been punished for their crimes or have other records of violations of laws and disciplines; have committed serious violations of party discipline and state laws; Laws and regulations preclude other circumstances of participating in open recruitment.
Work responsibilities
Mainly responsible for network public opinion and Internet bad and illegal and harmful information emergency treatment, comment guidance and other work (nightly, during national statutory holidays need to take turns on duty), and do other work arranged by the unit.
Application Procedures and Methods
(I) Application method: On-site application method is adopted to conduct qualification examination for the recruited personnel. Only those who meet the requirements after the examination can enter the next step.
(2) Registration time: January 10th to January 15th, 2020, 9: 00-12: 00 am, 14: 00-18: 00 pm.
(3) Application materials: "One Application Form for Public Recruitment Staff of Yibin Internet Public Opinion Center" (attachment), providing one ID and academic degree, one original and photocopy of degree certificate, two recent two-inch crown-free color Photo, original certificate and photocopy of award certificate. If the applicants conceal the relevant situation or provide false materials, once the qualification is cancelled, all losses caused by the applicants shall be borne by the applicants.
(IV) Registration location: No. 142 Zhongshan Street, Cuiping District, Yibin City, Joint Office Building of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Office of the Municipal Public Opinion Center, Tel: 0831-8240221, Contact Person: Teacher Wang.
(5) Qualification review: The Municipal Internet Public Opinion Center is responsible for conducting qualification review of candidates. Qualification review runs through the entire process of examination and appointment. If at any stage it is found that applicants do not meet the requirements of the position, their qualifications can be cancelled, and all losses caused shall be borne by the applicant.
V. Salary
(1) The probation period is 1 month, and the salary during the probation period is 2,500 yuan.
(2) After the probation period expires, it will be normalized after passing the assessment, and the annual basic income after the normalization will be 53,000 yuan (including the personal payment of "five insurances and one gold").
(3) Performance awards shall be issued in equal order according to the actual performance of the hired personnel and the performance evaluation of the work, with a maximum of 12,000 yuan.
(4) Other welfare benefits shall be managed and fulfilled in accordance with the administrative measures for non-staff personnel of the Municipal Internet Public Opinion Center.
(1) Proportion of examinations. Exams can only be opened when the ratio of recruitment to registration reaches 1: 5.
(2) Examination methods. The test is divided into a written test and a structured interview. The total test score is calculated based on 100 points. The written test score is 50% and the interview score is 50%. According to the candidates' written test scores, they will enter the interview at a ratio of 1: 3.
(3) Candidates who have passed the qualification examination shall, with their valid resident ID card, go to the designated place within the prescribed time to collect their written test admission ticket, and on the day of the examination, hold their own admission card and valid resident ID card (expired ID card, ID card copy Documents must not be used as reference documents) to take the written test at the designated test center. Those who do not receive the admission ticket at the expiry date shall be deemed to have waived their qualifications.
(4) The structured interview is adopted for the interview, which mainly tests the quality and ability of the candidates to perform their duties. According to the ratio of recruiting people to interview candidates 1: 3, according to the written test scores from high to low scores to determine the candidates for the interview (if the last written test scores appear side-by-side, all the parallel personnel will enter the interview). For gaps due to unqualified re-examinations or candidates giving up, candidates for interviews will be filled up from high to low scores on the written test scores; gaps due to missing interviews will no longer be filled.
(5) Those who provide false materials shall be directly disqualified from applying.
(6) The examination time and place will be notified separately.
Candidates will be selected according to the overall performance from high to low and according to the ratio of 1: 2. The inspection work is organized by Yibin Internet Public Opinion Center, highlighting political standards, using individual talks, site visits, strict review of personnel files, inquiry of social credit records, interviews with me, etc., focusing on understanding the political beliefs, political positions, Political awareness and political performance. Carry out a gap inspection, and select the best candidates according to the principle of suitability of personnel and posts.
Eighth, physical examination
Within one week after the interview, the candidates will be notified to enter the medical examination according to the comprehensive results and inspection results in a 1: 1 ratio. The medical examination standards refer to the Notice of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and the National Civil Service Bureau on the Revision of the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)" and "Operation Manual for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security) Issued [2016] No. 140) and other related regulations, and the medical examination costs will be borne by themselves.
For gaps due to unsuccessful medical examinations or due to candidates giving up, the applicants can determine the candidates for the supplementary inspections and physical examinations according to the comprehensive score from high to low scores among the interviewees.
Nine, publicity
Those who have passed the examinations, inspections and physical examinations will be publicized on the Internet of China's Sanjiang Talent (http://www.ybrc128.com/) for 5 working days. During the publicity period, serious problems were reported and it was verified through investigation. The qualification for employment was cancelled, and supplements were made in equal amounts from the high score to the low score.
Report supervision telephone: 0831—8208623.
X. This announcement will be interpreted by Yibin Internet Public Opinion Center.
Attachment: Yibin Internet Public Opinion Center recruitment non-staff registration form (click to download)
Yibin Internet Public Opinion Center
January 9, 2020
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