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Announcement in 2020 that the Chenzhou City Digital City Management Center, a subsidiary of the Chenzhou City Administrative Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, will publicly occupy one staff member

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In order to further broaden the horizon of selecting and appointing talents, to recruit excellent talents, and to enrich the team of urban management cadres, according to the needs of the work, and in accordance with the principles of openness, equality, competition, and merit, the Quzhou Digital City Management Center Amount of public institutions) is planned to openly recruit 1 staff member for the city. The related matters are announced as follows:
I. Positions and quotas of selected units
1 member of the staff of the Chenzhou Digital City Management Center.
Selection range
Within Quzhou City, there are civil servants, public participation management personnel, or staff members of public welfare institutions with full payment.
Third, the selection of personnel conditions
(1) Good ideological and political quality, strong professional ambition, love for work and dedication;
(2) On the job, he has the status of a full-fund withdrawal enterprise such as a civil servant, a public participation manager or a public good;
(3) Under the age of 35;
(4) Bachelor degree or above, computer and information technology and related majors;
(5) The annual assessment in the past three years is qualified and above;
(6) Laws and regulations and other conditions stipulated by the Organization Department of the CPC Shengzhou Municipal Committee and the Shengzhou Human Resources Department.
(7) Those who are under any of the following circumstances shall not be selected for selection:
1. The trial period for newly recruited personnel has not expired;
2. Those who have not reached the minimum service life of the grassroots;
3. The unit does not agree to apply for the exam;
4. Having been subject to Party discipline, political discipline or judicial punishment;
5. Being under audit, disciplinary review, or the judicial process of the suspected crime has not ended;
6. Other circumstances required by laws and regulations.
Fourth, other matters
(I) Registration time: January 10, 2020 to February 5, 2020 (except rest and holidays).
(2) Registration method: On-site registration (the registration fee is not charged).
(3) Registration place: Personnel and Education Section, Quzhou City Administration Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau, 7th floor, No. 15 section of Kangcheng Road, Jiangyang District, Quzhou, Sichuan Province. Contact (inquiries) Tel: 0830-3190640.
(4) Materials required for registration: (1) "Entry Registration Form for the Occupation and Selection of Staff in the Chenzhou Digital City Management Center" (1) (1) Paper and electronic documents; (2) I am valid One original and one copy of ID card, academic degree (degree) certificate, computer professional grade certificate.
(5) This announcement is to be interpreted by the Shengzhou Urban Management and Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau. Any issues not covered shall be implemented in accordance with relevant policies and regulations.
Attachment: Chenzhou Digital City Management Center Opens the Registration Form for Staff Selection (Sample Form) (Click to download)
Chuzhou City Administration Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau
January 10, 2020
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