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Announcement on the public selection of the chief engineer of the state-owned enterprise in Xianhai District of Mianyang in 2020

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Due to the failure to reach the comprehensive interview ratio during the qualification review of the publicly-appointed chief engineer of a state-owned enterprise in the district in the early stage, with the consent of the district party committee and management committee, it was decided to adjust the conditions of the position of the chief engineer to be selected. as follows.
I. Positions
1 chief engineer.
Selection and recruitment scope
(1) On-the-job staff in party and government agencies and institutions across the country;
(2) Management personnel and technical personnel of enterprises registered in various parts of the country.
Participants of category (1) must apply for written approval from the personnel department of the local organization. If the application is successful, they must abandon their status as administrative cadres.
1. Good ideological and political quality, consciously safeguard the interests of the country and enterprises, and have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility; familiar with national macroeconomic policies and related laws and regulations; have the professional knowledge, work experience, organizational coordination, team building required for the proposed position , Market response and risk prevention capabilities;
2. Integrity and observance of the law, no criminal records of violations of laws and bad credit records, honest employment, no bad habits, good image of professional ethics and work style;
3. Full-time undergraduate degree or above in general higher education, undergraduate majors: civil engineering and architecture; postgraduate majors: first-level disciplines are all second-level disciplines in architecture and civil engineering.
4. Have 3 years or more work experience in housing construction and municipal public works construction. Have senior technical title of housing construction engineering or municipal public works. Qualified as a Grade II or above architect for housing construction or municipal public works;
5. Age 45 and under (born after December 9, 1973), male;
6. Good health and mental quality.
Fourth, the selection process
The selection and employment work is carried out in accordance with procedures such as public registration, qualification review, comprehensive interview, organization of inspections, and employment decision.
V. Registration time and method
From January 8, 2020 to January 14, 2020, the applicant will send the required information to the designated mailbox.
Contact: 15908202999 Ms. Li
Email: 634549945@qq.com
The materials and other procedures required for registration are the same as those in the "Announcement on the Public Selection of Senior Managers of State-owned Enterprises in Xianhai District" issued on December 3, 2019.
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