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2020 Announcement of the Naxi District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Chenzhou City on the Open Recruitment of Three Personnel

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According to the needs of the work and in accordance with the principles of openness, equality, competition, and merit, our Bureau intends to openly recruit 3 temporary staff to assist the management of the township's second- and third-level pipe network construction and rain and sewage diversion projects (non-administrative business establishment, sign labor contracts) . Related matters are announced as follows.
I. Recruitment Objects
The recruited personnel are limited to those with a nationality or permanent residence in Naxi District who are eligible for recruitment.
Application conditions
(1) Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, love the socialist motherland, support the Communist Party of China, abide by the laws and disciplines, love their posts, be pragmatic, and have a strong sense of service.
(2) Have a college degree or above in civil engineering. Educational background is subject to graduation certificate.
(3) The age is 35 years old and below (born after January 9, 1984), and the age is based on the valid resident ID record.
(4) No one may apply for the examination in any of the following circumstances:
1. Have ever been subject to criminal punishment or dismissal;
2. Disciplinary acts are being reviewed;
3. The party discipline and political discipline have not been lifted;
4. Have relatively serious personal bad credit records;
5. Have a history of drug abuse, have a tattoo or have an impact on his face;
6. Other circumstances required by laws and regulations.
Third, the recruitment process
(I) Registration
1. Registration method: On-site registration (no registration fee charged).
2. Registration time: January 16, 2020 (08: 30-12: 00,
14: 30-18: 00).
3. Registration Location: Office of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Naxi District (Office 3, 3rd Floor, No. 20 Guanshan Road, Naxi District), Tel: 0830-3368296
4. Documents are required for registration: ① Original and photocopy of my valid ID card and academic credentials; ② 2 copies of the "Enrollment Form" (see attachment); ③ 3 recent photos of my two-inch front-faced crownless photos (of which 2 posted the registration table).
5. Registration requirements: Candidates should leave a valid contact phone number when registering, and keep communication open during the interview, physical examination, assessment, employment and other aspects of the registration examination. After the communication method is changed, they should actively inform the recruiting unit. Candidates are responsible for any consequences caused by their inability to contact the candidates. The entry information must be filled in truthfully and completely. If the entry is not true or filled in incorrectly, the applicant should bear the relevant responsibilities.
(II) Qualification review
Eligibility review is performed when applying for registration, and candidates who meet the application requirements will be issued an "Interview Notice". Candidates are responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials. Anyone who falsifies or conceals relevant information will be disqualified from employment once verified.
(Three) examination
The recruitment examination is not a written interview, and the interview is conducted by interview. Please refer to the "Interview Notice" for the interview time and place. Candidates must bring their valid ID and "Interview Notice" to the venue. If they fail to arrive at the designated interview location within the prescribed time, they will be deemed to have given up automatically. The interview score is 100 points. The interview result will be announced within 3 days after the interview.
(Four) physical examination
It is organized and implemented by the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Naxi District. According to the interview results from high to low, according to the number of job positions in order to determine the amount of physical examination objects (the last interview results are tied, the physical examination will be conducted together, and finally the best employment according to the assessment results). The medical examination fee shall be borne by the candidates, and the medical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)". Physical examination time will be notified separately.
(V) Assessment
The qualified personnel of the physical examination will be assessed by the Naxi District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau. It mainly conducts a comprehensive inspection of the moral, ability, diligence, performance, and integrity of the candidates.
(6) Replenishment
If there are vacancies due to physical examinations, unqualified assessments, or individual abandonment, if there are candidates for resignation, the Naxi District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau and relevant departments will jointly study and determine whether to resign.
(7) Publicity and Employment
Applicants who have passed the examinations, physical examinations, and assessments will be publicized on the China Naxi Portal's Personnel Recruitment Edition (http://www.naxi.gov.cn/zw/rsxx/rszk). The publicity time shall be no less than 3 days. If there are any problems that are reflected during the publicity period, if there are any evidences that are found to be inconsistent with the application requirements, the qualifications for the proposed employment shall be cancelled. If there is no objection to the public announcement, the employment procedures shall be handled in accordance with the procedures and a labor contract shall be signed with Sichuan Changshun Labor Service Co., Ltd. designated by the Naxi District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau.
4. Benefits
(1) After the public announcement, it is determined that the personnel to be hired are subject to a one-month probation period, and the salary for the probation period is 1,700 yuan.
(2) Sign labor contracts that are qualified after the probationary period, and the employment contract will be automatically terminated after the project ends. During the employment period, the employer shall pay the “Five Insurances” according to regulations, and the specific treatment shall be implemented according to the labor contract signed.
V. Other matters
This announcement is explained by the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Naxi District, and the outstanding matters shall be implemented in accordance with relevant policies and regulations. The recruitment process is subject to extensive supervision by cadres, the masses and all sectors of society.
Supervisory report phone: 0830-4281458.
Annex 1: Annex 1 Professional Reference Catalog.docx
Attachment 2: Attachment 2 Personnel Registration Form of Naxi District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau
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Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Naxi District, Chuzhou City
January 10, 2020
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