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China Life Insurance Company Guang'an Branch Openly Recruites 8 People to the Society

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I. Recruitment positions

The recruitment positions are mainly for training and education management positions at the municipal level, with a total of 8 employees.

Second, the scope of recruitment

Full-time undergraduate and above graduates (including summer 2020 graduates), aged under 30 (inclusive).

Relevant treatment

The recruiters of the "Pengpeng Plan" for recruitment this time first sign an agency contract and engage in training and education management. The evaluation period is two years. The entrusted remuneration is divided into four parts (about 5,000 yuan), including fixed allowances, post allowances, performance rewards, and planning rewards ) The company also provides insurance protection. After the evaluation period expires, after the provincial company interviews and written examinations, it selects the best to sign a labor contract with the company (excellent conditions can be signed with the company in advance).

Fourth, the registration method and registration deadline

1. On-site registration: Guang'an Human Resources Service Center (No. 170 Heyan Road, Guang'an District, Guang'an City), you must provide a copy of your resume and graduation certificate.

2. Please submit a copy of your resume and graduation certificate to QQ mailbox (1197102040). The deadline is February 9, 2020.

Registration contact: Liu Chaoyong Phone: 13699658599.

As the mainstay and industry giant of China's insurance industry, China Life's broad stage looks forward to your wonderful display!

Source: Edited by this site

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