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Recruitment Member Registration

  • username:
  • 4 to 12 characters in length, only alphanumeric and its combination

  • login password:
  • Password can use any combination of English letters and Arabic numerals, the length is 6-16 characters, and the English letters are case sensitive

  • Repeat the password:
  • Confirm your password again

  • Company Name:
  • Please fill in the name of your organization, the name on the business license and other documents shall prevail

  • Contact person:
  • Please fill in your contact person

  • contact number:
  • Please fill in your company's contact phone, reference format: 028-85054399, separate multiple numbers with commas

  • E-mail:
  • Please fill in the e-mail address. To avoid spam, the e-mail address is not public by default.
    Reference format: 1502952645@qq.com

  • QQNumber:
  • Please fill in the QQ number, it is only used by Sichuan Personnel Network to contact your company, it is not open to the public

  • mailing address:
  • Please fill in your mailing address

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