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2017 Leshan Tourism and Sports Development Committee publicly selects one public institution

2017 年乐山市旅游和体育发展委员会公开遴选事业单位 1 人公告 你提供 下公告内容,更详询请关注四川人事考试信息网微信 (htgwy01) 或咨询 省考 面试备 考群 Q Q 515348183 ,我们将及时为你更新推送消息 ,公考面试咨询 热线: 028-84400955 [Guidance ] In 2017 , Leshan City Tourism and Sports Development Committee publicly selected one public institution to provide you with the following announcements. For more details, please follow the Sichuan Personnel Examination Information Network WeChat (htgwy01) or the provincial exam interview preparation group Q 515348183 , we will update the push messages for you in time , the public examination interview consultation hotline: 028-84400955 . Please scan the QR code according to your identity to join the public WeChat group. sc12306a( 加后优先拉入公考群哟 ) You can add a micro signal when the group is full: sc12306a ( after the addition, it will be pulled into the public test group first )

Leshan Tourism and Sports Development Committee

Public Selection of Public Institution Staff

According to the needs of work, the Tourism and Sports Development Committee of Leshan City openly selects one staff member of public institutions for all counties (cities, districts) in the city. In accordance with the requirements of the "Interim Measures for the Public Selection of Staff in Leshan Municipal Institutions and Institutions" and the principles of democracy, openness, competition, and merit, the public selection of staff in public institutions is now announced as follows:

I. Selection of posts and places

Leshan City Tourism Data Center manages a staff of nine positions.

Selection Scope

The counties (cities and districts) Tourism Bureau, Tourism Scenic Area Management Committee, and Tourism Development Zone Management Committee of Leshan City meet the selection criteria, registered public servants according to regulations, staff managed with reference to the Civil Service Law, and fully funded public institution staff.

Selection Conditions

(1) Eligibility requirements.

1. Possessing good political and professional qualities, good character and outstanding performance.

2. Have strong writing ability and comprehensive coordination ability, have other working ability and working experience that meet the requirements of the selection of positions.

3. Have more than 2 years of work experience at the grassroots level and more than 2 years of work experience in civil servants, public participation, and professional staff. Among them, after the issuance of document No. 2014 ﹞ 30 by the Sichuan Commission on August 11, 2014, the newly recruited township and township civil servants and public service personnel will serve in towns and townships for 5 years (including the probation period); if there is a service period or contract If it is agreed, follow its provisions and agreement.

4. The annual assessments in the past two years are all qualified or above.

5. Age under 35 (born after December 1, 1982).

6. Bachelor degree or above recognized by the state.

7. Have physical conditions to perform their duties normally.

8. Meet other qualification requirements for the selection of positions.

(2) Cannot participate in the selection under any of the following circumstances.

1. The suspected violation of discipline and law is under review by the relevant specialized agency and has not yet reached a conclusion.

2. Those who are affected by the period of punishment or have not expired.

3. According to relevant regulations, those who have not completed their service life or have other restrictions on transfer in the work unit.

4. Appointed civil servants.

5. Other circumstances required by laws and regulations.

Selection process

(A) Registration.

1. Registration method: On-site registration.

2. Registration time: November 29th to December 3rd, every day from 9:00 to 18:00.

3. Registration Place: Office of the Party Committee of the Tourism and Sports Development Committee of Leshan City (No. 449 Baiyang East Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City).

4. Registration Information:

(1) Original and photocopy of my ID card, academic certificate and degree certificate.

(2) The original certificate of the county (city, district) organization or the department of human resources and society agreeing to apply for the test.

(3) "Leshan Tourism and Sports Development Committee Public Selection Application Form" (see attachment), the recent "cadre appointment and removal approval form" in triplicate.

(4) Recently, I have 4 photos with a red-faced, front-view, bareheaded 2-inch.

(2) Qualification review.

1. The Leshan Tourism and Sports Development Committee's open selection work leading group conducts a qualification review of applicants. Those who fail the examination shall be disqualified.

2. Carry out differential selection. Selection can only be carried out when the ratio of qualified persons and the number of selection plans reaches 3: 1; if the ratio does not reach 3: 1, the ratio can be appropriately reduced or cancelled with the agreement of the organization and the human resources department.

3. The time and place for obtaining the written examination admission ticket will be announced separately.

(3) Examinations.

1. written examination. The test focuses on the writing ability and administrative professional ability of candidates. A perfect score is 100 points. The written test time and place are subject to the admission ticket.

2. Interview. Use structured interviews.

Candidates will be determined from high to low according to the ratio of the number of selected positions to the number of interviews 1: 3. A perfect score is 100 points. The interview time and place will be notified separately.

3. Total score calculation method. Written test scores account for 50% of the total score, and interview results account for 50% of the total score. Written test scores, interview scores, and total scores are retained to two digits after the decimal point using the "rounding method".

Total score = written test score 50% + interview score 50%.

(4) Inspection.

According to the test results from high scores to low scores, the personnel who enter the inspection link are determined and organized by the selection work leading group.

1. Conduct a comprehensive inspection on the moral, ability, diligence, performance, integrity, political and professional qualities of the inspected subjects, and the knowledge of openly selected positions, with a focus on the situation of morals, work performance, and public recognition.

2. If it is found during the inspection that it does not meet the qualification requirements for selecting positions, it is determined to be unqualified and the qualification for public selection is cancelled.

(5) Physical examination.

1. Candidates for medical examinations will be determined based on the written test, interview results, and inspections.

2. Medical examinations are organized uniformly at the medical institutions designated by the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. The medical examination expenses shall be borne by the medical examination personnel. The medical examination is in accordance with the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) "(Ministry of the People's Republic of China [2005] No. 1), the" Medical Examination Operation Manual "," Revisions to the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)" and " Notice of the Civil Service Employment Manual (Trial)> (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs [2010] No. 19), "Notice on Further Improving the Work of Medical Examination and Employment of Civil Servants" (Ministry of Social Affairs [2012] No. 65), " Notice regarding the revision of the "Medical Service Employment Manual for Medical Examinations (Trial)" issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2013] No. 58 for implementation. After the announcement is issued until the implementation of this selection medical examination, if the state has issued new medical examination regulations, it will be implemented in accordance with the new regulations.

(6) Publicity and transfer.

After the medical examination is qualified, the selection work leading group will publicize the selection staff, and the publicity period is 5 working days. If there is no objection at the expiry of the publicity period, the transfer procedures shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures; if there are serious problems and evidence is found, the qualification for public selection shall be cancelled.

(G) other.

1. During the inspection, physical examination, publicity and transfer, if the candidate is unable to improve the procedures for the transfer due to the candidates themselves or the unit or local competent department of the candidate, the vacancies in the selection of posts can be replenished in equal amounts. Required.

2. Anyone who violates the selection conditions will be cleared.

November 28, 2017
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