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2017 Ebian Yi Autonomous County Recruitment of Radio and TV Propaganda Personnel Announcement (Deadline December 1)

2017 年峨边彝族自治县招聘广播电视宣传人员公告(截止日期12月1日) 你提供 下公告内容,更详询请关注四川人事考试信息网微信 (htgwy01) 或咨询 省考 面试备 考群 Q Q 515348183 ,我们将及时为你更新推送消息 ,公考面试咨询 热线: 028-84400955 [Introduction ] 2017 Ebian Yi Autonomous County Recruitment of Radio and Television Propaganda Announcement (Deadline December 1st) provides you with the following announcement content, for more details, please pay attention to the Sichuan Personnel Examination Information Network WeChat (htgwy01) or consult the provincial interview Preparation group Q Q 515348183 , we will promptly update the push messages for you , the public examination interview consultation hotline: 028-84400955 . Please scan the QR code according to your identity to join the public WeChat group. sc12306a( 加后优先拉入公考群哟 ) You can add a micro signal when the group is full: sc12306a ( after the addition, it will be pulled into the public test group first )

Ebian Yi Autonomous County Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication Bureau Announcement on the Public Recruitment of Radio and Television Propaganda Officers in 2017

In order to implement the county ’s government ’s strategy of “talent-strong county”, strengthen the professional talent team, and comprehensively improve the quality of Taiwan ’s self-run programs and the level of news and publicity, the Ebian Yi Autonomous County Culture, Radio and Television News and Publication Bureau intends to introduce a TV broadcast host to the society The announcement is as follows:

I. Recruitment plans and categories

Publicly recruited a TV broadcast to host a male anchor.

2. Recruitment conditions

(1) Basic conditions.

1. To support the party's basic line, principles and policies, and have good political and ideological qualities.

2. Love television journalism, obey discipline and obey laws, obey arrangements, and have strong organizational discipline and team spirit.

3. Have a full-time general college or higher education, good sense, good health, full-time undergraduate or higher education, under 30 years old.

4. The age and education of those with relevant professional experience and outstanding professional quality can be appropriately relaxed.

(2) Professional conditions.

(1) The boys are over 165 cm tall, and they are in Grade B or above in Putonghua.

(2) Good health, good facial features and good image temperament.

(3) Possesses good broadcasting, hosting foundation and language expression ability, can be competent for news hosting, studio interview, live interview, journalist, news editor and other tasks. Experience in broadcasting and hosting or better news writing and video production experience is preferred.

(3) Under any of the following circumstances, registration shall not be accepted for recruitment.

1. Suspected violations of discipline and law are under review by relevant departments and have not yet reached a conclusion;

2. Subject to Party and Political Disciplinary Disciplinary Actions;

3. Other circumstances required by laws and regulations.

Third, the recruitment process

(1) Unified registration.

1. Registration time: November 27th to December 1st, 2017 (9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays).

2. Location and method: Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication Bureau of Ebian Yi Autonomous County, Leshan City (No. 111, Pedestrian Street, Shaping Town, Ebian Yi Autonomous County).

3. Materials provided by applicants: "Application and Examination and Approval Form for the Public Recruitment of Broadcasting and Television Propaganda Personnel of the 2017 Ebian Yi Autonomous County Culture, Radio, Television, and Publications Bureau" (see attachment); my ID card, academic (degree) certificate, relevant supporting materials One original and one copy.

(2) Qualification review (December 4). Qualification review of relevant personnel is led by the open recruitment leadership team. Only after passing the preliminary qualification examination can the written test be taken. Qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process. The certification materials provided by applicants must be true and valid. If any candidate is found not to meet the recruitment requirements or falsified at any stage of recruitment, his recruitment qualifications will be cancelled.

(3) Intensive examination (December 5). The evaluation work is organized and implemented by the office of the Leading Group of Open Recruitment Work, and interviews are conducted for this recruitment examination. The interview results totaled 100 points. Interview results will be announced on Ebian News Network and Ebian Portal.

Interview The interview adopts a structured interview and professional inspection method, which mainly examines the candidate's professional knowledge, comprehensive analysis, problem-solving ability, language expression ability, and manners.

(IV) Medical Examination (December 6) The medical examination will be organized and implemented by the Office of the Leading Group of Open Recruitment. The medical examination standards will be implemented in accordance with the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)".

(5) Public announcement (December 7). The office of the Leading Group for Open Recruitment will publicize the prospective recruiters for a period of no less than 5 working days. The shortfalls due to unsuccessful physical examinations, public announcements, or automatic abandonment shall be replenished in order from the high score to the low score in accordance with the total score of the examination, with the consent of the open recruitment leadership team.

(6) Apply for employment procedures (December 14). At the expiration of the public notice period, if there are no problems or the reflection does not affect the recruitment, a six-month probation period will be implemented. If the probationary period expires and is qualified, the employment procedures shall be handled in accordance with the regulations.


1. Undertake the TV broadcasting host, news interview, news editing, etc. of Ebian TV Station. The probation period is six months, the monthly salary is 5,000 yuan, the qualified person is formally hired, the labor contract is signed, the monthly salary is 5,000 yuan (the insurance is purchased according to regulations), and the employment period is 5 years. During the employment period, it shall be implemented in accordance with the "Trial Measures for the Management of the Employment System of Public Institution Personnel in Sichuan Province".

2. After the expiry of the contract, sign a labor contract according to needs and my actual performance, implement performance assessment, and the employer can be rewarded within 50,000 to 80,000 yuan for outstanding performance at the end of the year, and within 20,000 to 50,000 yuan for qualified services. Unqualified uncertain grades, no performance rewards.

3. Accommodation is arranged uniformly by the unit according to superior standards.

Interested applicants download the registration form (see attachment).

Contact: Wang Ying; Tel: 18608331431

Email: 38247258@QQ.com

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