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2017 Xingwen County Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. Announcement of Staff Recruitment

In accordance with the national, provincial, and municipal regulations on the public recruitment of staff, and in accordance with the principles of "openness, equality, competition, and merit selection", Xingwen County Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. recruits staff for public examinations. as follows.
I. Recruitment quotas and principles
Recruiting three staff (temporary staff), in accordance with the principles of "openness, equality, competition, and merit", open recruitment, organization of interviews, selection of merit.
Recruitment object, scope and application conditions
(I) Recruitment object and scope: Sichuan household registration personnel.
(B) the application conditions
1. Compliance with laws and regulations, good character, honesty and trustworthiness, dedication to work, good overall quality and professional ethics, strong sense of responsibility and responsibility; can bear hardships and stand hard work, abide by company rules and regulations, and obey company deployment.
2. Under 35 years of age (calculation time ends on the date of this recruitment announcement).
3. Educational requirements: full-time college degree or above.
4. Good health, qualified medical examination, and can normally perform the duties of recruiting positions.
Third, the recruitment process
The recruitment mainly includes the following procedures:
(1) On-site registration. This open recruitment is carried out by on-site registration. Candidates should fill out the Registration Form and submit one original and one copy of the ID card and one original and one copy of the diploma. Contact: Li Li. Contact number: 7912825. The application period is from the date of this announcement to 18:00, December 1, 2017 (9:00 AM to 11:30 AM; 15:00 PM to 17:30 PM). Registration address: Xingwen County Development and Reform Bureau (Room 704, Office Building of the County Government).
(2) Preliminary qualification examination. The recruitment unit shall conduct a preliminary qualification examination for all applicants. After the preliminary examination, the ratio of the number of valid applicants and the number of job positions shall not be less than 1: 1. If it is lower than 1: 1, the recruitment announcement will be re-issued for public recruitment.
(3) Organizing interviews. The main assessment is the applicant's willingness qualities (motivation desire, professional responsibility, professionalism, hobbies, etc.), intelligent qualities (response ability, language expression ability, comprehensive analysis ability, logical thinking ability, innovation ability, organizational management ability, interpersonal coordination ability, etc. ), Personality qualities (behavior, character, etc.) and intellectual qualities. Recruitment units will interview the valid candidates after the preliminary examination. The interview time and place will be notified separately.
(4) Physical examination. According to the recruitment quota, the ranking is determined according to the interview score from high to low, and the candidates for the medical examination are determined by the same amount (if the interview results are tied, the interview will be determined by additional interviews). For vacancies due to unqualified medical examinations or automatic abandonment, the recruiting unit will make up for the vacancies in turn, according to the interview results. The cost of the medical examination is borne by the applicant. Participants in the physical examination are organized in a designated comprehensive hospital at level 2 or above. The time and place of the physical examination will be notified separately (Applicants who fail to complete the prescribed items of physical examination at the designated place according to the prescribed time will be deemed to have waived automatically).
(5) Publicity. The recruitment unit will publicize the personnel to be hired on the recruitment announcement website, and the publicity period is 5 working days. During the publicity period, anyone who makes a report shall truthfully and truthfully reflect the problem and provide the necessary investigative clues. Questions that are reported anonymously or otherwise are not accepted. If there are serious problems reflected during the publicity period, and there are evidences that do not meet the application requirements, the qualification for employment will be cancelled; if there are serious problems, but it is difficult to verify or deny for a while, the decision will be made after the verification.
(6) Go through employment procedures and treatment. If there is no objection to the announcement of the personnel to be hired, the recruitment unit and the hired person shall go through the employment procedures. Failure to report within the prescribed time shall be deemed to be abandonment automatically and the employment qualification shall be cancelled.
1. The hired personnel are managed in accordance with the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China. The probation period is one month. After the assessment meets the requirements, the labor contract is formally signed. The term of the labor contract is one year.
2. Pay social insurance in accordance with regulations during the employment period.
3. Salary and subsidy standards for hired personnel: The monthly basic salary is 1,700 yuan, and the relevant allowances, subsidies and assessments shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations of the employer.
Fourth, other
This announcement is explained by Xingwen County Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.
) Attachment: Xingwen County Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. Open Registration Staff Registration Form ( click to download )
Xingwen County Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.
November 27, 2017
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